Working within the Philips Partner program

The Philips Partner Program has provided Powercor with some varied and exciting projects, the most recent of which is nearing its end of a 12 month long contract.

Philips Lighting and Unite Students partnered to install LED lighting throughout all of Unite’s properties over a 2 year timeframe in a £21M partnership.

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Powercor were entrusted to carry out installation at 8 properties across London and the South and are now installing the final throws of approximately 15,000 items.

Philips are providing over 300,000 light fittings and 85,000 sensors and dimmers to the whole nationwide project which is resulting in annual carbon savings of around 2,000 tonnes of CO2 per year – equivalent to total annual emissions of 400 typical households! This also creates a reduction in energy consumption of 10-15% per annum and reduced lighting maintenance activity.

LED lighting has been installed in all bedrooms, kitchens, common areas, back office spaces and external areas. Extensive use has been made of circular bulkhead LED fittings, which combine excellent light distribution with a robust housing and IP65 rating. These have been used in students’ rooms, corridors, kitchen areas and stairwells to replace old 2D fluorescent fittings, bringing significant improvements in energy consumption, light output and lifespan. Administration areas, such as reception areas, are using CoreLine Recessed fittings, replacing modular fluorescent luminaires, while Pacific LED fittings have been installed in the laundry room. Presence detectors have also been introduced in corridors and daylight linking in spaces that receive high levels of natural daylight.








The project has been challenging but we have had some fantastic feedback from both Unite and Philips of how successfully we have managed the projects which is gratifying.

The logistics of the project have required some careful management and our processes are what have made the projects successful. Philips provided us with an installation specification what was previously designed and agreed with Unite. This specification contained the details of the exact areas and locations of what items were to be removed and what new items and quantities were to replace. From taking delivery of stock that we had to manage a spreadsheet was devised that would enable us to track the exact quantity of fittings delivered against what we installed and what we had remaining. In addition we keep another ‘daily install’ spreadsheet which is filled out to show each individual item where it is installed, the quantity and by when and by who it was installed. Floor layout drawings were also plotted to show exact locations of the new emergency lighting to include their own individual unique ID codes which are also identified physically on the light fittings with durable labelling. The management of these spreadsheets is maintained by our on-site foreman and this is all done via Dropbox which enables myself as a Contracts Manager to monitor the ‘live’ figures from any location.

The results have been well received and the project has been satisfying, the core of the installation team is the same now as it was 12 months ago which is why I’m sure it has been so successful.

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