Our Guide To Emergency Lighting - the what, the why and the how

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement to make sure people can exit a building quickly and safely in a power outage. But what exactly are the regulations around Emergency Lighting and what do you need in place?

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LED Lighting for Education

Powercor are specialists in the design and installation of high quality LED lighting systems to the education sector. Our DBS approved and List 99 checked staff can upgrade an existing lighting system or install a totally new one designed to optimise learning efficiency.

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Experts in LED Lighting Solutions

We are an industry leader in the installation of LED lighting and control systems. With numerous industry awards to our name we offer complete lighting solutions that achieve powerful results that are also designed to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Electrical Service Contractors of Choice

Whether it’s a new installation or an upgrade of existing electricals, our dedicated team of technicians and engineers can manage all of your infrastructure needs. Professional and experienced, we will ensure that your requirements are met with the capabilities needed to create optimum working or living environments.

Quality Maintenance and Compliance Programmes

Regular maintenance and technical support ensure optimum working conditions. Our engineers carry out discreet servicing with a high quality of engineering support to minimise the downtime of your equipment. We are unrivalled in our experience, dedication and commitment in managing electrical installations.

Innovative Lighting Installations

First impressions are the ones that count and at Powercor, we will help you stand out from the crowd with innovative lighting solutions that make people stop and look. Bringing rooms to life or informing your customers in exciting and cutting edge ways will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Energy Saving and Sustainability

With over 10 years’ experience in the energy efficiency sector we empower our customers in generating energy, reducing energy consumption and saving money and with energy monitoring and management solutions we ensure that you can make continuous improvements to both the environment and your pocket.

Powercor provides the solution you require – the full suite or tailored according to your needs.

We Listen. We Look. We Recommend. Each customer’s needs are different and we design solutions to solve specific challenges. Sustainability is key and by installing solar panels, you can generate enough energy to power LED lights, appliances and electrical vehicles. Smart Metering can monitor production and consumption of energy and Battery Storage can store the excess.

We are talented electricians, installing simple switches to high voltage transformers. Experts in Compliancy Laws, we protect lives with rigid testing of emergency lighting and fire alarms systems. We offer tailored maintenance contracts to help protect your investment as well as offering the latest cutting-edge technology from Connected Lighting (IoT) to Transparent LED screens to Messaging Carpets. Our business is your business.

Powercor disciplines Powercor disciplines

Trusted to deliver excellence in LED lighting throughout the UK


Our DBS approved and List 99 checked staff upgrade existing lighting systems and install new systems designed to optimise learning efficiency.

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Office Interiors

We help our clients create superior office spaces that reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions to maximise cost savings, productivity and profit.

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Manufacturing & Industrial

Powercor’s performance lighting installations for manufacturing and industry are essential for creating safe and efficient working environments.

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Retail & Hospitality

Our LED lighting installations help our customers optimise and improve their store layouts to create appealing retail environments and atmospheres.

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At Powercor, our ultimate objective is to keep our team, customers and suppliers safe from risk. Under the current climate, we have taken all additional protective measures in line with GOV Advice to ensure that, as a business and individually, we do all we can to reduce and eliminate the risks involved with COVID-19.

We are entirely committed to compliance with GOV advice and work strictly under COVID-19 secure guidelines and Site Safety Working Procedures. All of our team are fully committed to following our COVID-19 Policies, which are continuously reviewed and updated in line with changing GOV Guidance and wholly communicated to all of our team.

We utilise our in house resources and external H&S providers to ensure that we stay strictly up to date with all H&S legislation and the requirements of our regulatory H&S Bodies.

Benefit from our award winning service and expertise.

Powercor have been recognised with many industry awards. Most recently, we are proud to have been awarded the 2018 Contractor of the Year award by the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA).

ECA award

Our partnerships add significant value to our clients

As a Signify Certified Value Added Partner, we provide a full turnkey solution. Our clients benefit from a comprehensive survey and design process with full technical specification, through to a professional install carried out by experts.

Powercor are proud to partner with one of the pioneers in architectural lighting, Modular Lighting Instruments. Their ultra-modern lighting products are extremely well designed and built, making them a perfect accompaniment to a Signify installation.

Our partnership with Solarwatt brings decades of experience and state of the art manufacturing standards to our customers, ensuring top quality solar electricity production. The SOLARWATT Group is a pioneer in the photovoltaic industry.

Powercor and Signify.
The power of two.

As a trusted Certified Value Added Partner, Powercor works very closely with Signify to offer full turnkey LED Lighting and Control solutions.

In a world of connected lighting, successful collaborations often be a key to success. The Signify Lighting Partner Program is a flagship scheme that provides our clients with the very best in the lighting industry. World class lighting delivered through a world class partnership with Signify.