Do you need a 24/365 Emergency Call-out Service?

I remember a day that happened in 2002. It was cold and rainy Friday afternoon and we were tidying up the site we were on and looking forward to heading home to get warm and dry ahead of a relaxing weekend.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the phone rang and we answered it. A man with a stricken voice was at the other end and said,

“A mechanical digger has gone through the mains cable at our school and half the site is off. We need your help! Our usual company doesn’t offer an out of hour’s service. The alarms are going off and the teachers can’t see what they are doing”.

We immediately finished off what we were doing and headed straight there and proceeded to start what turned out to be 5 hours of work to get the school back on line.

Since that day in 2002, the school has been so happy with our work and dedication, that every school holiday, Powercor carry out various works to ensure that the school runs smoothly all year round.

Not all electrical faults that occur are quite as serious as the one above, but from that moment onwards, Powercor realised just how important it is to provide an emergency 24/365 service to all of our existing and potential future clients whatever the task or whoever they are.


The list of emergency works undertaken by Powercor is very extensive, from repairing lights to managing to get the freezer working again for domestic clients to major faults at schools and restaurants and even getting the power back on for a major prison.

We understand that it is stressful when our clients are in an emergency situation. We continually invest in our professional team so that they have substantial experience of reactive and emergency response repair works for any given event.

Our team of call-out engineers are on a rota of 1 week on and 4 weeks off ensuring that we have at least 2 engineers available for that all important call whatever the time or day. It’s organised so that the engineers who manned Christmas are not on at New Year or Easter and with constant communication between the team, we ensure we are ready to respond.

Our fleet of response vehicles are comprehensively stocked with a variety of day to day electrical repair tools and materials sufficient to successfully deal with the vast majority of incidents.

Our vehicles are monitored by the Spot-On tracker system to ensure a swift response at all times and this allows us to tackle and rectify faults and breakdowns which cannot be predicted.

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We understand that providing a emergency call-out service means that you or your business has a partner you can rely and depend upon when you most need it.

Powercor guarantees that when you do need us we’ll respond quickly and efficiently when those problems arise.

Call us in the event of any emergency and we’ll respond to your needs

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