What is Branding & how can it help a business?

What is a Brand

A particular identity or image regarded as an asset

Why is branding important 

At Powercor we have recently undergone a complete re brand, and our brand is one of our biggest assets.





We pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring the best customer service married with the best technologies to provide an excellent service to all of our customers and our brand is something that carries our identity.

It is especially important to carry a strong identity in the construction industry as it is such a competitive market, to stand out from the crowd is an absolute must.

We are provided with a much larger platform to base our brand on with the ever increasing requirement for Personal Protective Equipment, we can make sure we have an easily noticeable brand across all of our employees.

We need to understand that the company branding is not just about getting our current clients to choose us over others, but it is equally as important to get our potential clients to see us as the only company that can provide a solution to their problem.

All of our staff from management through to our new intake of apprentices have a complete set of company branded uniform and it is compulsory that we all wear it.

Branded uniform presents a work force that are easily identifiable, professional and a team and have the following benefits;

  • Identity – This is important as it shows as a company we value our image and are proud of it.
  • Professional – This underlines the professionalism of the company
  • Team – Our team is of particular importance.

If the engineers feel engaged and part of a team then they are more productive & happier which benefits both customer and client.

As an addition to our uniform and branding we back it all up with Accreditations, NICEIC, ECA, ISO 9001, Safe Contractor, CHAS and trust make name just a few, all of which have stringent requirements to comply with and maintain some involve inspections with an assessor to make sure of compliance. We take these very seriously and carry them through year on year and are always on the lookout for any appropriate new schemes.

Finally all staff are required to undertake DBS (formally CRB) and list 99 checks this allows us and our clients to know who they are dealing with and be reassured in the fact that all staff are cleared and there background checks are all held on file. We carry out regular work on schools and teaching establishments so knowing that the staff we send them have been checked and cleared provides them with a reassurance that is a must nowadays that coupled with the easily identifiable uniform is a win-win for these important clients.

Our brand is something that we are continually pushing to make us stand out from the crowd and in an extremely competitive market this has never been more important.

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A unified branded team with a great work ethic!

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