The danger of counterfeit LED lights

As a reputable electrical contractors we are concerned about the increase recently in counterfeit products such as LED lamps.

Counterfeit electrical products have been around for some time and you may have heard about the dangers of buying a ‘fake TV’ or other electrical items such as ‘hairdryers or straighteners’. However with people becoming more streetwise, counterfeiters are extending their reach and are now copying electrical items such as LED lamps that already have the potential to be deadly if not fitted correctly.

LED is becoming more and more desirable in homes and counterfeiters see this is a great opportunity to make money out of unsuspecting people!

Dangerous lighting (not just counterfeit lighting) has the ability to cause serious fire, electrical shock and death.

This may sound scary, but unfortunately counterfeit lighting can be very dangerous. However when LED is installed correctly it can transform your home.

Counterfeiters are ready to feed the market with dangerous products that can be difficult to detect. Protect yourself from becoming their next victim.

How to spot a counterfeit

As the old saying goes ‘if it seems too good to be true, it probably is’

To an untrained eye the fake LED lamps look identical to the genuine lamps. They are usually marked with a fake CE trademark to further fool consumers, this doesn’t guarantee they have been approved as being safe or fit for purpose.

BBC Ones ‘Fake Britain’ recently reported about a shipment of 1,000 lamps that had been imported from China… They were stopped at the Port of Felixstowe on the East Coast of England. A number of samples were found to have insufficient insulation and exposed live elements, these could have been potentially lethal.

As mentioned above all of the lamps in this shipment carried the CE trademark, however after carrying out various tests against a genuine branded lamp it was proven these would not pass the European Safety standards.

What to do if you want to purchase LED lamps

The best advice for anyone looking to convert their home to LED is to talk to a qualified electrician. Not all light fittings can be converted to LED and we can advise the best option for you and your space.

So many people try and convert their homes without the correct knowledge which can result in costly ‘call outs’ to rectify DIY projects gone wrong!

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As qualified electricians we are also able to purchase LED lamps that are guaranteed to meet the required safety standard and as a Philips Value Added Partner we are able to offer you some of the most cutting edge products at a great price.

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