Energy Sustainability Savings & Financing Solutions

When people talk about solar, LED, Voltage Optimisation & all other types of energy saving technology, most of the time the first questions are:-

“How much?” and “How long until I see a return?”

If customers are looking into these new technologies they can sometimes be put off by the upfront costs for the install and not look at the long term gains.

Fortunately there are now solutions to this in the form of finance options secured against the installation itself.

Solar PV

The falling costs and improvements in solar efficiency have made solar PV one of the most popular sustainability technologies in Britain. Financing can provide a range of funding solutions for sustainability projects.


As an example, a large solar install on a distribution facility was financed to the tune of £262,500 over a 10 year period. Taking into account the FIT’s (feed in tariffs) as well as the energy saving generated on site, total revenue and savings were in excess of £5000 per month. So it easily paid for itself!

The same can be said for LED Lighting

Lighting can account for approximately 40% of a building’s energy consumption.

Philps-LED-lightsInstalling energy-efficient lighting can generate a large saving opportunity. With a standard 4 x 18w tube, 600 x 600 modular fitting you have a combined consumption of 72w – Replace this with an LED version at 30w and the savings take care of themselves,

In a large office with 100 fittings running for 10 hours a day, your total energy usage would be 72Kwh – If you switch to LED , the energy usage drops to 30Kwh. More than a 50% saving!

Add smart controls to that and the savings increase further. The introduction of presence/absence detection automatically turns off the lighting when it is not required, the instantaneous start up achieved with LED allows instant light but only when required.

Even if you are in a cash positive situation financing can help by freeing up capital to invest elsewhere whilst still achieving the benefits of modern sustainable technology.

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Powercor are MCS Approved Solar Installers & Philips Value Added Partners, Working with Siemens Finance to offer solutions to suit your needs

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