In September 2009, my wife and I were blessed with our first child, since then I have been watching him grow up, constantly playing as well as learning to walk and talk. I now understand the environment that a child needs for them to become a well mannered and a well rounded individual.

They wake up when the sun shines through the curtain and go to bed when the moon comes out, play when its daylight and calm down when we lower the lights and read a book before bedtime.

Philips Lighting understands all this and has come up with a concept that not only helps with the child’s development in the classroom, but also uses LED lighting to take advantage of the energy efficiency that produces reduced running and maintenance costs.

This is all achieved by installing the latest in LED technology, lighting controls, lighting keypads and the understanding of how to stimulate the children and keep them engaged.

SchoolVision is a very simple, effective and efficient solution that allows the school to control the atmosphere and ambience level in each classroom, thus creating a perfect learning environment for the children. It helps them stay alert and makes them eager to take part and learn.

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There are four different lighting scenes available which the teacher can select at a touch of a button and this brings up the appropriate scene for a particular activity.

  1. Normal – Standard intensity level and standard tone for the everyday regular activity
  2. Energy – Higher intensity level and very cool colour tone for when the children need to be more active
  3. Focus – Highest intensity level and cool colour tone can help with concentration during challenging tasks or tests
  4. Calm – Standard intensity level and warm colour tone is perfect when they have to work individually or have quiet time

Philips is recreating the dynamics of natural daylight in the classroom and it provides a fantastic learning environment that can only help everyone involved. It helps engagement, it stimulates, relaxes or calms the children.

SchoolVision complies with all the relevant lighting regulations, is more efficient and also enhances learning, improves results and makes everyone feel better.

SchoolVision was put to the test in a year-long study in Germany and it recorded some significant improvements in the children’s performance, attention span, concentration and behaviour:

  1. Reading Speed improved by 35%
  2. Frequency of errors reduced by 45%
  3. Hyperactive behaviour also reduced by 76%

Click here to view the case study

Because of the way the world today puts so much pressure on learning and exam results for not only the children but also the schools and teachers, anything that can help must be looked at and taken seriously.

Maybe this is part of a solution that may just help everybody achieve what all their peers expect!

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As a Philips Value Added Partner, we can provide & install School Vision for your premises

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