An Annual NICEIC Inspection & what it entails


Powercor has been a member of the NICEIC (national inspection council for electrical installation contractors ) for over 10 years now, which we are very proud of.

Certain criteria has to be met to maintain membership of the organisation.

Part of this criteria is a yearly inspection which is carried out by our local Senior Inspector for the NICEIC –  Richard White.

We recently had our yearly inspection which began with Richard interviewing our Quality Supervisors and Director in our office about the types of installations that we have been carrying out in the previous year. He then requested to look at completed test sheets for projects of his choice .The supervisors are then questioned about the specific projects, their location and distance from the office and the type of work(industrial,commercial,domestic ect)

Once Richard has chosen which projects that he wishes to inspect, access is arranged and the team go to site to have the electrical installation inspected. Richard cross checks that all the correct information is on the completion certificates and inspects the installation for quality of works and that it has been installed to NICEIC standard.

The Supervisors are interviewed about the installation and then are requested to open distribution boards to check for various items including:-

  • Correct termination
  • Tightness of terminals
  • Earthing arrangements
  • Correct warning labels
  • Correct identifiication of circuits

He then requests that chosen circuits are tested again, witnessed by him and the Supervisors are questioned about the test readings and to ascertain that they understand how they are achieved and within the parameters for safety.

Each Supervisor has 2 projects inspected

On return to our office Richard writes up his notes on all site visits and once completed he reveals his findings to the team.

He uses this opportunity to advise the team on upcoming changes to the industry so that we are aware of regulation changes and can prepare our installation teams in advance.

Once Richard has gone through his findings with the team he advises them on issues that he would like to see been carried out differently in the future so that we can role them out to the installation team.

On this visit Richard found 2 minor items that he would like to see changed and he would also like to see evidence that the items had been rectified.

With this, the visit was completed and arrangements were made to have the 2 items that he requested to be changed and photographic images sent to him in a given timescales.This was arranged and carried out within 3 days and we were given a clean bill of health and our membership renewed for another year.

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As well as our membership with NICEIC, we hold many other Accreditations, all with continued membership

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