Is it time to join the Solar Revolution?

With so much changing in the photovoltaic market, is now the time to start generating your own electricity?

Solar panels and installations have decreased in cost dramatically and offer very good return on investments. You don’teven necessarily require the cash upfront!

If you can afford the capital outlay then you’re going to get the best return on investment with still a 20 year index linked government package on offer, but for those without the cash there are still routes to solar.


Siemens finance package’s, arranged by Powercor can offer many advantages, including:-

  • The money generated from the solar pays off the loan
  • You still own the system & generate an income from it

There is also a new arrangement called a Power Purchase Agreement which means that a fund will install the system on your roof and you can buy the electricity from the system at a reduced rate.

Planning permission for domestic and commercial roof systems have been relaxed in most circumstances and become permitted development, but you do still need to check with your local council, as building regulations are still required.

When installing a system you need to ensure you select a good quality panel and a good inverter we would recommend Solarworld panels and SMA inverters. Insurance can be taken out on systems to cover all aspects of damage and limit liability.

When a Solarworld system is bought using the solarworld questionnaire approved supplier route, a free guaranteed 5 year yield warranty is offered. You can be 100% sure the system is going to achieve your expected return on investment.


Battery back systems will be hitting the UK market in late 2015, Tesla being one of the main contenders. This will mean that for the first time a domestic house could potentially be self sufficient on solar energy.

Whilst solar energy will be around for many more years, the FITS tariff decreases every few months, so one has to question whether is now the time to join the solar revolution whilst the benefits can be maximised.

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If you’re looking for a free survey and advice on solar photovoltaic contact Powercor we are MCS approved and a Solarworld Partner

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If you’re looking for a free survey and advice on solar photovoltaic, Powercor are MCS approved and a Solarworld Partner

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