Is it now or never for Solar?

It’s now I’m afraid! The Government have now decided that there is no longer a need for the feed in tariff to assist with the roll out of Photovoltiac Installations. This is due to the fact that installations are much more competitively priced, so the saving on electricity will be sufficient to provide a fair […]

Energy Sustainability Savings & Financing Solutions

When people talk about solar, LED, Voltage Optimisation & all other types of energy saving technology, most of the time the first questions are:- “How much?” and “How long until I see a return?” If customers are looking into these new technologies they can sometimes be put off by the upfront costs for the install […]

Is it time to join the Solar Revolution?

With so much changing in the photovoltaic market, is now the time to start generating your own electricity? Solar panels and installations have decreased in cost dramatically and offer very good return on investments. You don’teven necessarily require the cash upfront! If you can afford the capital outlay then you’re going to get the best […]


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