Working within the Philips Partner program

The Philips Partner Program has provided Powercor with some varied and exciting projects, the most recent of which is nearing its end of a 12 month long contract. Philips Lighting and Unite Students partnered to install LED lighting throughout all of Unite’s properties over a 2 year timeframe in a £21M partnership. Powercor were entrusted […]

Osram Sylvania release USA survey

Osram Sylvania release USA survey with interesting results The 7th annual OSRAM SYLVANIA socket survey released last month finds that more Americans than ever are discovering LED lighting while Smart Lighting is on the rise. The seventh annual Socket Survey from OSRAM SYLVANIA found 65 percent of Americans have purchased LEDs for use in their […]

LED Lighting Evolution

The LED evolution has grown significantly over the last few years with many new companies coming to the market, however there are some serious considerations that should be made when making a significant investment. Unlike tungsten and fluorescent technology that were produced by 4 major players namely Philips, GE, Osram and Sylvania, within the LED […]

What is Emergency Lighting & how must you comply with UK Regulations?

What is Emergency Lighting? Emergency lighting is lighting for an emergency situation where the main power supply is cut off and normal illumination fails.This may lead to sudden darkness and possible danger to the occupants. These fittings require regular testing and depending on how they are switched depends on how they are checked. If the […]

Powercore – Installed by Powercor!

Colour changing lights are not new, they have been around the block and back several times. Used right, they can create a very impressive atmosphere, seemingly adding a touch of luxury. Used wrong, they just ooze tackiness! The difficulty of Introducing a colour change light option into an existing infrastructure has meant it hasn’t historically […]

How can you purchase Philips Lighting Products at a great discount?

How nice is it when you Google your way round the internet and can get a great deal and have it delivered to your door in next to no time at all. With this in mind it highlighted what an exceptional position we find ourselves in at Powercor, in that due to our privileged position […]

Is “Connected Lighting” the future in ultra-intelligent lighting systems?

connected lighting

There are two words which always grab my attention, “connected” and “lighting”, especially when related to the electrical or electronics industries. It’s therefore no surprise that “Connected Lighting” gets all of my attention on every level. Philips are the leading innovators of this new technological blend of ultra-intelligent lighting system. However, it’s more than just […]

Using Dynamic Lighting to maintain productivity and profitability during the winter

dynamic lighting

With the night’s drawing in and the annual discussion on the news about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) it reminded me of the importance that light plays in our day to day lives and our wellbeing. [gdlr_heading tag=”h2″ font_weight=”bold” ]What is SAD and why is it important to understand?[/gdlr_heading] SAD is a medical condition and a […]


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