SATRO Energy Saving Challenge

Powercor is delighted to announce a collaboration with Surrey-based STEM charity SATRO for the 2022 SATRO Energy Saving Challenge – an opportunity to put students at the heart of sustainability thinking and explore ways to reduce their school’s carbon footprint.

Unified Glare ratings – How soft is the light on the eyes?

Many schools and institutions use recommended glare ratings as a guideline. Unfortunately for LED manufacturers it is not a clear cut case. There are a huge number of factors which add to a glare rating of an LED product which need to be taken into account for example natural sun light within a space & […]

How can Dimming LED’s increase worker productivity?

Dimming LEDs can increase worker productivity, enhance the experience of diners in a hospitality setting, and save energy, but you have to correctly combine controls, drivers, and LED sources. Gone are the days of swapping out lamps easily to save on electricity consumption and maintenance. There are a vast number of commercial businesses opting to […]

LUX Levels for lighting design – What should they be?

Long gone are the days we use to put our finger in the air and come to a number of lights we “think” should be installed. Health & Safety standards states that lighting levels need to have a minimum illuminance level which means the process of deciding on the amount of lights, the LUX output […]

Working within the Philips Partner program

The Philips Partner Program has provided Powercor with some varied and exciting projects, the most recent of which is nearing its end of a 12 month long contract. Philips Lighting and Unite Students partnered to install LED lighting throughout all of Unite’s properties over a 2 year timeframe in a £21M partnership. Powercor were entrusted […]

Osram Sylvania release USA survey

Osram Sylvania release USA survey with interesting results The 7th annual OSRAM SYLVANIA socket survey released last month finds that more Americans than ever are discovering LED lighting while Smart Lighting is on the rise. The seventh annual Socket Survey from OSRAM SYLVANIA found 65 percent of Americans have purchased LEDs for use in their […]

Summer Season for an Electrical Contractor

So the summer holidays are upon us and so starts the crazy season at Powercor! The longest of the school breaks generally has us requiring twice as much labour as normal. It is an incredibly busy period with a huge influx of work from the Schools and Colleges we look after, whilst also having to […]

LED Lighting Evolution

The LED evolution has grown significantly over the last few years with many new companies coming to the market, however there are some serious considerations that should be made when making a significant investment. Unlike tungsten and fluorescent technology that were produced by 4 major players namely Philips, GE, Osram and Sylvania, within the LED […]


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