Electrical Contracting News visits Powercor for an insight into their future plans.

Powercor was delighted to talk to https://electricalcontractingnews.com/ (ECN) recently about our company, and plans for the future. It provided a useful moment to reflect on the support and coverage that ECN has given to us over the years.

Below are just some of the stories covering the technical expertise that the Powercor team has, the partnerships with providers of high-quality products, the support for schools and children to learn about energy efficiency. And, of course, the ECN awards that the company is delighted to have won.

Celebrating 25 Years of Powercor – a contractor that cares

Powercor was proud to take ‌ECN on a tour of our Weybridge HQ recently and tell the story of how we became the company we are today…and what our ambitions are for the future.

In conversation with ‌Carly Weller and ‌Kelly Byne, founders Richard Grace and Chris Wright described why Powercor has been so successful to date. The company mission is to provide every client with much more than just an installation; it is to provide a service that helps each client to be a more efficient business themselves. An outstanding example is the award-winning project with St George’s College, which resulted in a saving of £400,000 a year and sees the school operating at net-zero during daylight hours.

Powercor partners with SATRO in school Energy Saving Challenge

Surrey based charity SATRO is an educational charity partner to schools and businesses, focussing on STEM. For several years, SATRO has organised an Energy Saving Challenge. This competition is open to schools based in the south central area of England with the goal of maximising energy savings.

Schools are supported with workshops run by STEM tutors and software installed by Powercor which measures energy usage. Each school takes baseline measurements and reviews the energy data to understand the impact of different activities and behaviours on the amount of electricity used.

Children have devised some incredibly creative and persuasive ways to get their whole school onboard with these initiatives and the results have shown how much can be achieved without changing any power infrastructure elements.

Powercor partners with SATRO in school Energy Saving Challenge – Electrical Contracting News (ECN)

ECN award winners

Powercor values the recognition received within the industry. Awards are hard-earned and when successful it is a proud moment for the whole team to enjoy. Powercor were delighted in 2023 to win two prestigious awards from ECN.

Firstly, Contractor of the year (turnover over £5m) and secondly Sustainable project of the year with St George’s College. Powercor’s partnership with St George’s has spanned 25 years and resulted in a first-class learning environment. Indoor and outdoor sporting facilities have been transformed, most to stadium standard. Almost every suitable roof in the school is now being utilised for solar power.

ECN Awards winners announced! – Electrical Contracting News (ECN)

UV-C Disinfection Lighting

During the pandemic, air quality was seen as paramount to reducing infection. Opening windows was not an option for all and not suitable for many. Signify, one of Powercor’s key partners was at the forefront of designing technology that could purify air, rendering it virus free. Mobile units and fixed installations can be used for client sites – depending on the flexibility required.

For elite athletes at professional sports clubs reducing the likelihood of illness was essential. The installation at Harlequins was the first at a UK professional sports club, and a world first in rugby.



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