Emergency Lighting: Compliance Made Easy

There are two words that make emergency lighting compliance easy…..


We are experts in emergency lighting systems and our Emergency lighting ebook to Emergency Lighting Regulations will show you:

• How to become fully compliant with Emergency Lighting Regulations.
• What you need in place for peace of mind that occupants are protected.
• How to significantly reduce the running and maintenance cost of your system.
• The unique benefits of Powercor’s solution.

With many barriers to compliance, from high maintenance costs to time-consuming testing requirements, it’s no surprise many buildings and businesses fall short of emergency lighting regulations in the UK.

However, building owners and managers are becoming increasingly aware of emergency lighting compliance as they look for solutions that reduce risk and minimise the sky high costs associated with staying compliant.

Fortunately, recent advancements in emergency lighting technology and systems are making compliance easier, more affordable, and more accessible than ever before.

Powercor have secured a Certified Supplier and Installer status with Clevertronics which makes our clients life even easier.

When you choose Powercor and Clevertronics to design, install and maintain your emergency lighting, compliance couldn’t be easier, especially when it comes to meeting your testing requirements.

There are three areas where selecting the correct product can help achieve and maintain compliance AND these areas can even reduce your costs.

• Improving luminaire performance
• Using modern battery technology
• Moving to automated testing systems

At Powercor, we found that introducing the innovative brand of Clevertronics to our clients means that the remote and automated testing saves them time and money but most importantly makes sure they are compliant in the event of anything happening.

Make emergency lighting compliance easy

If you’re finding it hard to meet emergency lighting regulations and requirements or you may be due an upgrade to your system. Before you invest, contact us to see what processes you can automate for ease of compliance, while minimising disruption, risk, and costs.

Check out our latest case study – St Georges College Case Study and see the benefits our emergency lighting system has delivered.

With our knowledge and expertise we ensure that any installation with our name on it reaches all recommended standards.

We’ve got the solutions you need to not only improve your compliance and confidence in your system, but significantly reduce your running and maintenance costs.

We can provide you with expert advice on emergency lighting compliance, compliant designs to meet the standards, and the latest technology to suit your building facility.

What to be an expert?

Download our
Emergency lighting ebook guide to Emergency Lighting Regulations

If you would like any further information regarding any of our emergency lighting solutions or Powercor, please contact us on 01932 839 890 or email sales@powercor.co.uk

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  1. Yes, these make life easy and for those who are going to start a new business or firm and demands a big workplace then the emergency lighting system, fire emergency lighting plays a vital role. As in your blog have seen a lot many things which are absolutely correct for the point of safety and security.

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