Emergency Lighting : Save Time And Money

Whether you manage, install, design, or maintain emergency lighting systems, cost is an important consideration.

Most of the time, investing in a new system for your building facility comes down to balancing two things; function and budget.

Your emergency lighting system needs to keep your building safe and compliant, and should be high quality, efficient, long-lasting, and user-friendly. But at the same time, you want to avoid spending more than you need to on installation, testing, and maintenance.

Emergency lighting systems have upfront and ongoing costs, from equipment and installation to testing and compliance.

The first initial costs of your system, comes from the surveys and designs that are required to ensure compliance and then the purchasing of equipment comes after that.

But one of the biggest costs associated with an emergency lighting system comes from regular maintenance and testing.

In the UK, you’re required to test every month and carry out a full test annually to comply with regulations. The cost of inefficient testing and maintenance can quickly add up, especially if your emergency lighting system is old or relies on manual processes.

So, how can you save time and money on your emergency lighting system, without compromising on important functions?

This is where Powercor’s secured status as a Certified Supplier and Installer for Clevertronics comes to the forefront and produces massive savings and benefits for all our clients by assessing the points below:

It might seem obvious, but the act of upgrading your system can save you time and money, especially when it comes to maintenance and compliance.

As a general rule, the simpler your system, the less time it will take to design, install, commission, and maintain.

Improving luminaire performance:
With Clevertronics you use fewer luminaires due to the improved performance which minimises the installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

New Battery Technology:
Clevertronics Lithium Battery technology means luminaires have an expected service life of 6-12+ years compared to 2-4 years with acid-based batteries. This reduces replacement and maintenance costs.

Moving to automated testing systems:
The majority of emergency lighting installations need to be manually tested every month and once annually; using Powercor and Clevertronics means these tests can be conducted automatically and remotely.

There are many ways that Powercor can help you or your business save time and money when it comes to your emergency lighting systems and these are just a few of them. Whether it’s a new installation, refurbishment upgrade or additional luminaires for regulation compliance, we can tailor your needs.

Check out our latest St Georges College Case Study and see the benefits our emergency lighting system has delivered.

With our knowledge and expertise we ensure that any installation with our name on it reaches all recommended standards.

We’ve got the solutions you need to not only improve your compliance and confidence in your system, but significantly reduce your running and maintenance costs.

We can provide you with expert advice on emergency lighting compliance, compliant designs to meet the standards, and the latest technology to suit your building facility.

What to be an expert?

Download our Emergency lighting ebook 

If you would like any further information regarding any of our emergency lighting solutions or Powercor, please contact us on 01932 839 890 or email sales@powercor.co.uk

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    It would be a pleasure to help,,,feel free to contact us when you have time and don’t forget you can download our ebook to help you understand emergency lighting further


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