St George’s College, Surrey

A 25-year vision has produced a fantastic and sustainable school environment

St George’s College is the largest Catholic co-educational independent day school in England and Wales with over 1,500 pupils aged 3 to 18 years old. With an extensive network of buildings and sporting facilities Powercor has worked with the school for the past 25 to transform the experience and safety for pupils, teachers and visitors.

At a glance

• Metering & measurement
• LED lighting – including sports
• Solar and battery storage
• Emergency lighting
• Ground source heat pump


Powercor has partnered with St George’s College for 25 years to create an exceptional environment for students and staff.

Learning is what it’s all about and both students and teachers benefit from top-grade LED lighting from Signify throughout the school. This produces exceptional ‘natural’ light and, already high, efficiency levels are enhanced by the presence detection modules installed throughout creating a fantastic learning environment.

Indoor and outdoor sporting facilities have been transformed—most of the outdoor pitches have national-stadium-standard lighting providing exceptional conditions. ‘Perfect Play’ lighting outdoors also means the luminaires adjust at a touch of a panel, tablet or smartphone. Indoor facilities offer state-of-the art lighting creating different pitch layouts at the touch of a button.

Almost every suitable roof in the school is now being utilised for solar power. This is saving the school £400,000.00 a year and, on the hottest days, may even earn the school net revenues.

Emergency lighting is hugely important and at St George’s college, everyone can feel safe in the knowledge that their school is equipped with one of the world’s leading Emergency Lighting systems. Not only does the system use long-lasting LED and battery technology, helping the environment and landfill issues, but it is fully monitored, ensuring the lights are ‘always on’ and annual in-person check-ups are a thing of the past.

Lighting cost reduction

67% reduction in annual lighting costs.

Lower maintenance

£34,500 saving in emergency lighting maintenance over six years

Sustainable design

£400,000 annual savings from solar installations.

Thanks to Powercor and our new compliant emergency lighting system, we are now even more confident about the safety of children, teachers and all other visitors to our school

Errol Minihan

Facilities Manager & Health and Safety Chairman, St Georges College and Junior School

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