Nuffield Gyms, National Contract (UK)

A national project rollout achieving a 3.3-year payback through energy cost and maintenance savings.

Nuffield Health Gyms, part of Nuffield Health’s healthcare network in the UK, offer a holistic approach to fitness and wellness. The gym facilities provide state-of-the-art equipment, a wide range of fitness classes, and personal training services. Unique to Nuffield is their integration of health services, including physiotherapy and health assessments, emphasising overall well-being.

Powercor was engaged to deliver a superb environment through the use of well-designed lighting solutions, as well as cost savings and energy reductions throughout Nuffield’s national network of premises.

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Prior to the nationwide project roll out, the proposed design was piloted at sites in Letchworth and Hertford to fully assess the overall effect. An element of flexibility was included in the design to enable some variation in buildings where the standard specification was not suitable.

Wherever possible lighting was replaced on a point-for-point basis, retaining existing LED fittings where they were deemed to be of sufficiently high quality. Most of the work was carried out at night to avoid disruption to gym members and staff, which made the installs exceptionally difficult as the premises needed to be clear for the following day’s business.

Whilst the cost savings vary from one building to another, the Nuffield Health City Fitness & Wellbeing Centre installation exemplifies the magnitude of savings that are being achieved, delivering a projected project cost payback within 3.3 years. The payback period takes account of energy and maintenance savings, as well as reduced payments under the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme.

This facility was also a good example of the flexibility of the design approach. Large amounts of exposed brickwork within the building meant more extensive use of warm white colour temperatures in front of house areas compared to other sites.

Energy Saving

Reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions

Improved working conditions

Significantly enhanced experience for members and staff

Cost reductions

A payback of 3.3 years across all sites through energy and maintenance savings

We were looking for a partner that could provide a comprehensive lighting service so we selected Powercor and Philips Lighting from the final shortlist because of their proven project management capabilities and resources

Nicola Vincent 

Nuffield Health Sourcing Manager

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