SSE Arena, London

A state-of-the-art lighting system for an iconic arena has proved invaluable.

Wembley Arena is an indoor arena next to Wembley Stadium in Wembley, London, England. The 12,500-seat facility is London’s second-largest indoor arena after The O2 Arena.

The Empire Pool was built for the 1934 British Empire Games and was last used for the 1948 Summer Olympics in London. The modern arena is now used as a venue for music, comedy, family entertainment and sport. Powercor has designed, installed, programmed and commissioned a lighting system that reduces running costs as well as reducing energy usage so subsequently carbon emissions.

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The auditorium was originally lit by 99 1500W halogen lamps, providing only 300 lux across the floor. Increasing the lux would improve the venue’s versatility, but this was expected to require a new linear suspended system that would interfere with show lighting gantries. The solution also had to be incredibly secure in its fittings, due to the amount of sound vibration generated during shows.

The existing lamps were replaced with 60 new LED Philips OptiVision floodlights providing up to 1500 lux, necessary for certain sports requiring this illuminance. In normal operation, the lights produce between 300 to 500 lux and run at considerably less energy than the previous system.

Through consultation, it was determined that the new lighting could be retrofitted to the existing system – creating significant savings over originally requested linear suspended system. Powercor provided the structural calculations to ensure the system was secure, and that every single bolt was torqued and marked to the highest degree of accuracy.

The new system also introduces a Dynalite control system Distribution Management System (DMS) so the house and show lighting can be controlled in tandem, providing the level of control and versatility required. Combined with brighter lux levels, the arena can now host an even greater range of events and sports.

Intelligent Deign

Precisely controlled light distribution – symmetrical and asymmetrical – limits light pollution.

Lower costs

Light can be dimmed/controlled according to actual need, significantly reducing energy costs.

Increased performance

Fully controllable when combined with the latest lighting control systems to enable maximum energy savings.

We’re very happy with the install of the new lighting rig at the SSE Arena, Wembley. Not only are we saving on energy costs, but we can now also light the auditorium to a standard expected from major sporting events. We look forward to the new opportunities this system will open up to us.

Peter Fewings,

Technical and Building Services Director at The SSE Arena, Wembley

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