How can Dimming LED’s increase worker productivity?

Dimming LEDs can increase worker productivity, enhance the experience of diners in a hospitality setting, and save energy, but you have to correctly combine controls, drivers, and LED sources. Gone are the days of swapping out lamps easily to save on electricity consumption and maintenance. There are a vast number of commercial businesses opting to […]

Working within the Philips Partner program

The Philips Partner Program has provided Powercor with some varied and exciting projects, the most recent of which is nearing its end of a 12 month long contract. Philips Lighting and Unite Students partnered to install LED lighting throughout all of Unite’s properties over a 2 year timeframe in a £21M partnership. Powercor were entrusted […]

Osram Sylvania release USA survey

Osram Sylvania release USA survey with interesting results The 7th annual OSRAM SYLVANIA socket survey released last month finds that more Americans than ever are discovering LED lighting while Smart Lighting is on the rise. The seventh annual Socket Survey from OSRAM SYLVANIA found 65 percent of Americans have purchased LEDs for use in their […]

LED Lighting Evolution

The LED evolution has grown significantly over the last few years with many new companies coming to the market, however there are some serious considerations that should be made when making a significant investment. Unlike tungsten and fluorescent technology that were produced by 4 major players namely Philips, GE, Osram and Sylvania, within the LED […]

Energy Sustainability Savings & Financing Solutions

When people talk about solar, LED, Voltage Optimisation & all other types of energy saving technology, most of the time the first questions are:- “How much?” and “How long until I see a return?” If customers are looking into these new technologies they can sometimes be put off by the upfront costs for the install […]

LED or Fluorescent – Why LED is the way forward

The big question for many businesses is why move over to LED when they currently have a functional site which runs off the likes of T8 Fluorescent’s. The simple answer is that it costs a lot less to run LED lighting with savings of up to 60% compared to the florescent’s counterpart…additionally there are big […]

How can you purchase Philips Lighting Products at a great discount?

How nice is it when you Google your way round the internet and can get a great deal and have it delivered to your door in next to no time at all. With this in mind it highlighted what an exceptional position we find ourselves in at Powercor, in that due to our privileged position […]


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