How often should I test my emergency lighting?

Emergency Lighting Testing

Emergency lighting systems are a legal requirement for any commercial premises and as such there are also requirements as to when they need to be tested. Given the vital role emergency lighting will play in a situation where the buildings power fails or staff need to evacuate the building due to a range of emergencies […]

Making light work of emergency systems

Emergency Lighting Systems - Making Light Work of Emergency Lighting systems

It might be a legal requirement, but there remains a wide level of misunderstanding over what constitutes emergency lighting. All commercial properties must have an approved emergency lighting system installed. The system not only needs to be correctly installed but also regularly tested. Design, installation and operation is subject to a wide range of regulations […]

Emergency Lighting : Why Powercor?

As you may or may not know, emergency lighting is a legal requirement and an audit of your site could be critical and that’s where Powercor can help. We understand the importance of the industry standards and our clients can be safe in the knowledge that we are always up to date on any new, […]

Emergency Lighting: Compliance Made Easy

There are two words that make emergency lighting compliance easy….. CONTACT POWERCOR We are experts in emergency lighting systems and our Emergency lighting ebook to Emergency Lighting Regulations will show you: • How to become fully compliant with Emergency Lighting Regulations. • What you need in place for peace of mind that occupants are protected. • […]

Emergency Lighting : Save Time And Money

Whether you manage, install, design, or maintain emergency lighting systems, cost is an important consideration. Most of the time, investing in a new system for your building facility comes down to balancing two things; function and budget. Your emergency lighting system needs to keep your building safe and compliant, and should be high quality, efficient, […]

Emergency Lighting: In the know

When should you start to think about Emergency Lighting & what are the differences between New & existing buildings? Often over-looked in fire safety planning is the use of emergency lighting. New buildings will need to have a fire risk assessment carried out as soon as possible after they become occupied and the emergency lighting […]

What is Emergency Lighting & how must you comply with UK Regulations?

What is Emergency Lighting? Emergency lighting is lighting for an emergency situation where the main power supply is cut off and normal illumination fails.This may lead to sudden darkness and possible danger to the occupants. These fittings require regular testing and depending on how they are switched depends on how they are checked. If the […]


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