Wembley Stadium, London

Wembley Stadium lighting upgrade: a sustainable and cost-effective solution

Wembley Stadium has been a destination for football, music and other live entertainment events for over 80 years.

With over 100 events every year and over one million visitors each year passing through its doors, Wembley is an iconic British venue with an extensive estate a numerous entertainment locations throughout the building.

At a glance

  • Survey and design
  • LED lighting
  • Custom 3D printing
  • Fully recyclable light fittings


Wembley Stadium faced rising energy costs due to inefficient lighting, coupled with the need to replace aging fixtures and minimize maintenance expenses. Due to standard replacement fittings no longer being available, traditional solutions would have involved significant building works and decorating, further increasing costs and a different approach was required.

After an extensive survey and design stage, Powercor recommended and delivered an innovative solution that involved custom-designed, 3D-printed LED luminaires that perfectly fit the existing lighting apertures.

This not only eliminated the need for costly modifications, reducing construction and decorating expenses, but was also highly environmentally friendly with all fittings being sourced and printed locally.

Reduced energy consumption

The LED luminaires delivered a remarkable 40% reduction in energy usage, significantly lowering the FA’s electricity bills.

Cost-effective installation

 3D printing enabled a perfect fit, eliminating the need for extensive building works and decorating, leading to significant cost savings.

Sustainable design

 The luminaires are fully recyclable, minimizing environmental impact and allowing for repurposing at the end of their lifespan

Improved lighting quality

The LED technology provided superior brightness, uniformity, and colour rendering, enhancing the visual experience for everyone at the stadium.

We have been working with Powercor on a number of lighting projects at Wembley Stadium, but the most recent one deserves special attention. Powercor were asked to replace 726 light fittings and all controls in under six weeks (with Christmas break in between) in Great Hall. During the first days of the project, we found out that all the cabling between the control boxes (located on a different level of the stadium) and the fittings needed replacing. Powercor came up with a solution – the original completion date couldn’t be moved. Powercor not only replaced all lights, controls and cabling in time, but a week ahead of the agreed completion date, enabling us to decorate the space in time for our first major event of 2024!

Jonathan Davies,

Stadium Director Wembley

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