Royal Alexandra and Albert
School, Surrey

Working with The RA&A to improve lighting and energy efficiency

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School is a mixed state boarding school for children aged 7-18. It is located in a country estate consisting of 260 acres of beautiful parkland in Gatton Park, near Reigate, Surrey. Working with the RAA, Powercor has significantly improved the quality and compliance of internal and external lighting and the school is now well on its way to becoming energy cost neutral.

At a glance

• Metering & measurement
• Photovoltaic/solar
• Internal/external lighting
• Ground source heat pump


After a full survey of the site, Powercor worked with the RAA devise a staged energy and lighting-related programme that would see the school’s infrastructure significantly upgraded.

Metering and verification was installed throughout the entire site to measure precisely measure power usages and allow the school to rapidly pinpoint any areas of high demand. This involved an upgrade to the main transformer, and extensive upgrades to the current electrical infrastructure.

A state-of-the-art solar system using the latest technology has been installed and is delivering the necessary power at dramatically reduced costs to the current electricity prices the school was facing. This was combined with a ground source heating system to further reduce energy usage. Powercor handled all communication with the SSA, the electrical distribution network operator, and related administration for both systems work operator, to gain all pre approvals before the work commenced.

The impact for the RA&A has been the significant energy reduction as well as generating a huge proportion of their own energy. The schools own Net Zero objectives have been achieved and they are confident in sharing results with students in STEM subjects.

Reduced energy consumption

Huge reduction in energy consumption and costs.

Cost-effective installation

Student engagement via STEM subjects

Sustainable design

Carbon Net Zero targets being met.

Improved learning environment

Improved learning environment for students/working environment for teachers.

We partnered with Powercor to enhance our energy efficiency on the back of their strong reputation in the indeendent school sector and the experience has been excellent. Their expertise in metering and measurement, solar and ground source heating systems has dramatically reduced our costs and carbon footprint, aligning perfectly with our sustainability goals. Powercor’s impact extends beyond infrastructure, enriching our STEM curriculum and inspiring our students.

Royal Alexandra & Albert School

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