How can vehicle tracking technology make your business more efficient?

No matter what market you operate in, standing out from the competition by providing first class customer service is vital.

Recognizing the importance of this, we have introduced a vehicle tracking system which provides powerful information at a glance, empowering us to keep customers informed whilst maximising the efficiency of our electrical engineers.

Through LIVE vehicle tracking, our operations team can provide accurate arrival times, search for vehicles closest to a chosen location, generate detailed journey reporting and educate our drivers on efficient routes.



CO2 emissions from corporate travel can account for over 25% of a company’s carbon ‘footprint’. Emissions from travel are highly visible to staff, investors and customers, and often linked to the perceived environmental impact a business has on the environment.

Reducing the carbon use of our vehicle fleet is an obvious area for us to target in order to reduce our overall carbon use. Our vehicle tracking system provides us with the ability to calculate how much carbon our fleet is using, empowering us to take measures to reduce or offset this use.



All the data sent from the gps trackers comes through as raw data meaning to the human eye its completely unreadable, however high spec servers which are located in Birmingham, UK translate this data into readable information via vehicle and mobile tracking software called Spoton.

There are several gps vehicle tracking software packages available on the market but the majority use an internet based system that run through a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. However these have many disadvantages such as browser crashes, non automatic refreshes, time outs etc so we opted for a .NET based software which is easily and quickly downloaded to our computer system within 2 minutes and runs in the background as a separate service. It also auto refreshes every minute so we don’t need to wait for loading pages every time we require our vehicle tracking information.

Therefore this constant information allows us to make instant decisions benefitting both us and our clients.

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