Interview with Aidan Sharpe - Aidan relishing his role at the Sharpe end of the business

Powercor’s new Key Account Manager Aidan relishing his role at the Sharpe end of the business

Powercor’s new Key Account Manager, Aidan Sharpe, explains how the firm is targeting growth and will play a part in the UK’s efforts to transition to a net-zero carbon future.

I was delighted to start my role in September having known Powercor, Richard, and Chris for over two decades. My career has always been in the electrical trade with a specialism in lighting and, having worked both in wholesale and for specific light manufacturers, I am acutely aware of the industry’s opportunities.

It was in many ways a natural fit for me to join Powercor, and recent weeks have only reaffirmed to me the strength of the company, its products, and its team.

Our partnership with Signify, opens up access to the entire Philips range of lighting and market-leading technology which we are now able to bring to bear for our clients. Despite my time in the industry, the technology we can utilise is truly mind-blowing and we are at the forefront of the latest development of the lighting of the future.

We have the capabilities to work across all markets which creates new opportunities to engage with firms and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

It is an exciting time to be working for Powercor. We are continuing to roll out our Light as a Service (LaaS) capabilities and have been working with schools as they look to upgrade their lighting systems whilst also supporting them in their net-zero journey. At a time when funding for schools remains challenging, our LaaS capabilities are delivered alongside new funding systems which allow schools to pay for the work from the money they are saving in their energy bills. It is good to be able to support schools to create a better learning environment for their pupils and at the same time enhance their ESG.

The Government’s moves to ensure that the country’s vehicles transition to NetZero operation by 2035 is already seeing a demand for electric vehicle charging points. Given Powercor’s expertise in the installation of EV charging points is an area of our business we expect to grow in the years to come.

What makes my role all the more exciting is the range of products and the capabilities that we can offer the clients.

It really is a case of being able to meet prospective clients with a full range of tools in my toolbox. To have the confidence that there will be a solution within that toolbox that will meet the needs of the client is a great feeling.

There have been times in the past when I have only had one specific tool and if it did not do the job, I couldn’t provide an alternative. At Powercor that is anything but the case. We can bring to bear a huge range of solutions and products that are of the highest quality but are also cutting edge.

However also important is the complete confidence I have in the Powercor team around me. You might be able to offer the best products, but until you have the team which can deliver those innovative solutions there is little point in offering them.

I have been so impressed in the weeks I’ve been here by the capabilities and skills contained within the team and it makes my job all the easier knowing we can deliver exactly what our clients need.


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