What is Voltage Optimisation & how can it help you save money?

In the UK, 230 volts is the ‘nominal’ voltage that our electricity is supplied at.

This voltage has to be supplied within a tolerance range of +10% and -6%. In an electrical system ‘voltage’ is the equivalent of ‘pressure’ in a water system. So whilst here in our offices the voltage is 244 volts, go South down the road this may well be lower as it is further away from the electricity supply transformer, go North up the road this may well be higher as it is closer.

Electrical equipment however is designed to work at 220 volts and around 90% of UK buildings use more electricity than they actually need.

In our offices we are effectively wasting 24 volts in powering our equipment which in turn means higher running costs and wasted energy.

Voltage Optimisation (VO) is an energy saving technology which regulates the incoming supply voltage to 220 volts thus cutting energy costs and carbon emissions. This also in-turn reduces equipment maintenance and will extend the life of your electrical equipment.


Some devices are designed with ‘variable technology’ which monitors the incoming supply voltage and should it fluctuate, makes changes to its output voltage accordingly.

We have been installing VO for over 5 years now and have been lucky to have installed units for various manufacturers across some prestigious projects.

VO units are available in a range of sizes designed for small retail units’ right up to large industrial complexes.

We are a proud installer of iVolt of which is without a doubt a market leader in today’s VO technology and whilst reducing your energy consumption, can reduce your electricity bill by up to 25% and an investment payback period of typically 2-3 years.

Powercor have installed Voltage Optimisation units for many Prestigious clients

View and download some of our many cast studies, from Schools & Colleges to Gatwick Airport

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View and download some of our many cast studies, from Schools & Colleges to Gatwick Airport

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