UV-C can light the way to a clean and safe return to work

UVC can light the way to a clean and safe return to work

Leading UK lighting and electrical contractor, Powercor (www.powercor.co.uk), says technology which has been used for decades to protect hospitals and public buildings from viruses can be the answer to staff and visitors staying safe in the office, gym or other workplace as restrictions are lifted.

Now hospitality venues have re-opened their doors for the use of internal spaces and with gyms and leisure centres set to continue to welcome visitors, many firms will look to invite staff back to the office. However, fears remain over an end to remote working and the potential spread of COVID.

But the solution is at hand says Powercor with the use of UV-C (or UV Germicidal Irradiation) systems providing a cost effective and proven solution to inactivate COVID on both surfaces and in the air and keep internal spaces safe.

Some of the country’s leading business and sports teams have already recognised the benefits of UV-C systems with Powercor having recently equipped parts of The Stoop, home to Gallagher Premiership rugby union side Harlequins, with UV-C lighting systems and are working with international transport firm Abellio to fit UV-C protection in three of the firm’s London Transport bus depots.

The return to work after a year of remote operation remains fraught with concern for millions of staff, with employees citing concerns over how clean their workplaces will be as the number one issue.

In April a study of 1,000 employees, currently working from home, carried out via OnePoll for cleaning firm ICE Cleaning, found two thirds still feel uncomfortable about going back into their workplace full time.

Worries included lack of personal space, not enough communal cleaning and colleagues not using hand sanitizer or soap.

Powercor Managing Director Richard Grace explained: “The disinfection of offices via the use of detergents and rigorous clearing will undoubtedly be a popular response, but the nature of a virus is that it can exist in the air along with being found on doors, windows and worktops.

It can make physical cleaning a challenge, but the answer can be as simple as switching on a light. For over four decades hospitals and government buildings have used Ultra-Violet (UV) light to safely and effectively to neutralise viruses and bacteria.

While we all know that UV-A and UV-B rays are contained in sunlight a third UV light is also emitted and one that can make a major difference to the fight against germs. In sunlight UV-C rays are filtered by the earth’s atmosphere, but they have been proven to be an effective weapon against viruses and bacteria.”

UV-C lighting products use ultraviolet light to inactivate microorganisms like viruses and bacteria, making them harmless to humans. UV-C disrupts the DNA or RNA that enables those viruses and bacteria to multiply.

UV-C systems are designed with safety with wall mounted systems and air filters designed to be operated while the areas are occupied.

As a Philips Certified Value Added Partner, Powercor, provides a growing number of customers with the full range of UV-C lighting solutions created by Signify, part of the Philips group.

Grace added: “The benefits delivered with the use of UV-C system are significant and have the ability to provide a clean and safe space be it in the office, a gym, swimming pool, retail outlet, pub or restaurant.”

UV-C systems are not only highly effective but also extremely cost efficient.

“UV-C can make a real difference to the ability to reopen knowing that your staff, customers and visitors are protected,” added Grace.


About Powercor

Powercor is one of the UK’s leading installers of LED, UV-C, Emergency Lighting, Solar Power and other lighting solutions. Our customers, including those in the sports and education sectors, have been receiving exceptional service from Powercor for over 20 years. During that time we have been proud winners of numerous awards, including the Electrical Contractors Association’s Contractor of the Year. As a preferred UK partner of Signify/Phillips Lighting, we are able to supply some of the highest-quality and most innovative lighting equipment on the market today. Powercor is fully accredited with the full remit of governing bodies and health and safety associations, including the Electrical Contractors Association and the Institution of Engineering & Technology.

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