Swan Sanctuary, Shepperton

Powercor create a solar sanctuary without ruffling residents’ feathers

The Swan Sanctuary is a charity dedicated to the care and treatment of swans and waterfowl with a worldwide reputation. It was the first national refuge for the protection of mute swans when it opened in Surrey. As the Sanctuary expanded, a larger location was required and the operation relocated to Shepperton, Middlesex.

An energy and lighting solution was required for the new site. The energy infrastructure was insufficient and in poor shape, and The Sanctuary was keen to upgrade to a more efficient and environmentally friendly lighting and energy system.

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• LED lighting and controls
• Metering and measurement
• Solar and battery storage
• Energy infrastructure


The Swan Sanctuary was looking to cut costs and be more environmentally friendly by utilising more efficient energy technologies. Powercor was tasked with designing a new and comprehensive energy infrastructure that would convert much of the current power source to solar and be robust enough to supply electricity to every region of the charity’s vast campus.
The task was unique and complex due to the nature of the site and the requirement for an install with minimal disruption to the surrounding ecosystem and the animals that call the site home.

A two-stage solution was devised using solar and lighting & control technology.

Powercor used a CGI computer generated schematic to construct a comprehensive solar system design that met the unique needs the client’s requirements for their site. The schematic gave the Sanctuary an in-depth perspective of the project and showed how it could be carried out with minimal disruption to the Sanctuary and its surroundings.

Following the G99 application approval, the system was installed complete with a lighting infrastructure that saw new state-of-the-art LED lighting across the site. Control and monitoring systems now ensure that lighting costs are minimised. The Sanctuary is also able to understand and track its energy usage, identify any usage issues and compare old and new usage data.

Energy Saving

Gross savings (20 years): £108,279

Net savings (20 years): £48,100

Reduced emissions

CO2 reduction (per annum): 7.13 tonnes

Environmentally friendly

Trees planted equivalent (20 years): 1,428

Our experience with Powercor has been exemplary from the first discussions to the installation of the solar panels at the Swan Sanctuary. We are already seeing savings on our power costs, even with the grey winter we are having at the moment. We have no hesitation in recommending Powercor to anyone interested in going solar.

Steve Knight

Trustee, The Swan Sanctuary

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