Powercor attend the Global Philips Lighting Summit in 2016

Powercor LTD has recently attended the Global Philips Lighting Summit in Berlin 2016.

It’s a time to catch up on the lattest Philips Lighting innovations and to share advice and support Between Philips Partners.


This year the CEO of Philips “Eric Rondalat” opened the Summit with a new strategy “The Power of Two”  which is enphasising the fact that between Philips Lighting and Philips Lighting Partners we can offer a full turn key solution and bring a great deal of value add to any project.

This was demostrated in many projects across the Globe, but as we were is Berlin we were given a tour of the Sony Centre Lighting Installation which looks fantastic, of which is featured in the pictures attached.

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Whilst at the summit this year we were introduced to many new technilogical breakthroughs in Lighting Engineering especially Green Warehouse and Green Parking, this is a retro fit solution with in built radio detection which allows fixtures to be grouped togther to get full control and reduce energy significantly without any additonal control wires, you can also install additonal sensors with lithium batteries that also sits on the Zigbee Bus, thus enabling a full control system to be retro fitted to any ware house or car park with no additonal wiring, also the systems is extremely easy to program.

Other new emerging technolgies were of course the POE (Power Over Ethernet) Lighting and VLC (Visual Light Communication) technologies, which will in time completely change the landscape of lighting and the big data as we see it today. Philips have installed POE in various sites including The Edge in Amsterdam and recently installed VLC technology in Carreforre Supermarkets in Europe. Both technologies are extremely new to the market and I feel that the possibilities for this technologies will grow over time as the marget adapts.

image1-4Every year at the Philips Summit they have The Global Partner Awards and this year we were extremely delighted to be awarded “Best Partner of the Year” this came as a complete surprise for us, but we have completely dedicated our company to the Philips Brand and aligned ourselves with all the technologies availible for our partners and customers. Since adopting the Philips Brand and Partnership we have seen new customers coming to Powercor and additonal revenue streams.

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We can design, supply, install and commission any lighting application

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