Light as a service

Light as a Service – install the latest lighting systems at no upfront cost.

For companies, educational and sports facilities of all sizes the need to have effective and efficient lighting systems is a must.

As the country reopens its doors as the COVID restrictions ease, Powercor has launched its new Light as a Service (LaaS) scheme which will enable businesses to install the latest LED lighting systems with no upfront payments.

We recognise the financial pressure on organisations in the wake of COVID-19. Our LaaS will enable you to install the latest in LED lighting technology and pay for the system from the savings you will make on your current energy bills.

You can upgrade your LED lighting technology without the need for capital expenditure. We arrange an affordable, fixed monthly payment to cover the entire cost of your LED lighting project, from implementation to maintenance, for the term of your contract.

Powercor only installs the very latest equipment on client sites. As one of the UK’s leading partners of Phillips Lighting, you can be assured that we won’t compromise on quality.  We will install state-of-the-art lighting, lighting controls and automated metering technology across your site, and the entire cost will be funded through your energy savings.

There are a range of significant benefits when you equip your premises with a new lighting system:

  • It will provide an improved working environment, which is proven to be a key factor in driving higher employee productivity.
  • It is guaranteed to deliver vastly reduced energy consumption, automatically controlled to ensure that it is as energy efficient as possible 24 hours a day seven days a week. You will also get direct access to your real-time energy usage data, via your own online portal so you can track the savings the system is delivering.
  • The system really can pay for itself, with the fixed monthly fee comparable to the money you will save on your current energy costs as the system proves its worth, while providing the best in lighting technology.
  • New LED technology is more efficient, resulting in a defined reduction in circuit watts and energy consumption. Our savings calculations assume consistent annualised burn hours and energy price (kWh), and those customers who have already adopted our LaaS services can attest to the saving they have already experienced.

Establishing an accurate ‘baseline’ is fundamental to any savings calculations. We use an industry recognised process combining the data we have collected with mathematical formula to ensure accurate savings projections.

We are so confident of the benefits you will experience we ensure there is no upfront investment required.

You can trust us. Powercor is an award-winning company, delivering sustainable and efficient energy solutions for private and public clients. We have worked extensively with schools and businesses to upgrade their lighting and power systems and install the very latest emergency lighting solutions.

With over 10 years’ experience in the energy efficiency sector, we empower customers to maximise their benefit from lighting and energy solutions whilst reducing energy consumption and saving money. With a dedicated team of technicians and engineers, we manage all of your energy needs – from lighting and sustainable energy to infrastructure and safety.

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