Leading equine breeder installs “disinfection” lighting to protect against the equine flu and EHV-1

Weybridge, Surrey [date]: Bourne Hill Stables in West Sussex has worked with UK lighting and electrical company Powercor (www.powercor.co.uk) to become the first breeding centre in the world to install UV-C light to protect their thoroughbreds against Equine Flu.

Powercor has installed 22 Philips UV-C disinfection – upper air wall mount units from Signify, the world leader in lighting, to disinfect the air within the stables as the equine community continues to look at ways to combat the outbreak equine flu and of the neurological form of equine herpes virus (EHV-1).

To date almost 4,000 horses have been blocked on the Federation Equine International (FEI) database, meaning they must be kept in isolation and a negative PCR test needs to be provided before they are allowed to compete again. The current outbreak has resulted in the extended shutdown of international competition across 12 European countries.

Of more concern to the horse breeders is that cases of reproductive EHV-1 involving abortions and neonatal foal deaths, have been reported this year with 28 to date in Europe and 6 in the UK, including a recently vaccinated thoroughbred mare.

EVH-1 outbreak comes two years after a major outbreak of Equine flu which can also have significant implications for breeders and in extreme cases prompt miscarriages in pregnant mares.

Under the scheme, Powercor will install the Philips UV-C disinfection upper air units that inactivate viruses, bacteria and germs in the air of the stables.

UV-C has been proven to inactivate viruses and germs and Signify has been at the forefront of UV technology with a proven track record of innovation in UV-C lighting over the past 35 years.

Roland Standley, Owner, Bourne Hill Stables said: “As one of the UK’s leading equestrian centres, the safety of our animals and staff are of paramount importance to us. The challenge to our industry caused by equine flu and the current EHV-1 outbreak requires innovative solutions. UV-C systems will provide a valuable additional layer of protection to our horses and we are delighted to work with Powercor to become the first breeding centre in the world to install a UV-C system.”

The UK is the global centre for the equine breeding sector. In 2017 PwC estimated that the thoroughbred breeding industry contributed £425 million to the UK economy and supported over 19,000 jobs.

UV-C products use ultraviolet light to inactivate microorganisms like viruses and bacteria, making them harmless to humans and horses alike. UV-C disrupts the DNA or RNA that enables those viruses and bacteria to multiply.

Richard Grace, Managing Director of Powercor said “The UV-C systems will disinfect the air within the facility and will be a significant addition to Bourne Hill’s efforts to keep its horses safe at a time of extreme worry for the whole equine sector.

Signify’s UV-C lighting is designed, installed and used according to the product-specific safety instructions, and manufactured in well-controlled industrial processes. UV-C light should always be used by professionals. In accordance with the safety requirements and instructions to avoid humans and animals from being exposed to it – since it can damage skin and eyes. Powercor is a fully trained professional contractor and a leading installer of UV-C products within the UK.

“Provided that Philips UV-C products are used and installed correctly, UV-C is a reliable and highly effective form of disinfection, with safety risks mitigated by the appropriate safeguards put in place,” added Mr Grace. “We believe that these systems can deliver significant benefits for the equine sector.”


About Powercor

Powercor is one of the UK’s leading installers of LED, UV-C, Emergency Lighting, Solar Power and other lighting solutions. Our customers, including those in the sports and education sectors, have been receiving exceptional service from Powercor for over 20 years. During that time we have been proud winners of numerous awards, including the Electrical Contractors Association’s Contractor of the Year. As a preferred UK partner of Signify/Phillips Lighting, we are able to supply some of the highest-quality and most innovative lighting equipment on the market today. Powercor is fully accredited with the full remit of governing bodies and health and safety associations, including the Electrical Contractors Association and the Institution of Engineering & Technology.

About Signify

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT) is the world leader in lighting for professionals and consumers and lighting for the Internet of Things. Our Philips products, Interact connected lighting systems and data-enabled services, deliver business value and transform life in homes, buildings and public spaces. With 2020 sales of EUR 6.5 billion, we have approximately 37,000 employees and are present in over 70 countries. We unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world. We achieved carbon neutrality in 2020, have been in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index since our IPO for four consecutive years and were named Industry Leader in 2017, 2018 and 2019.





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