Amendment 3 to BS7671 Amendment 3 – What is it and how to comply


This gives everyone within the electrical industry, six months to gain a full understanding of the regulations before they come in to force on 1st July 2015. The new regulation covers the requirements for Electrical Installations – and the resulting changes on the design, erection and verification of electrical installations.


1. Definitions of key terms and phrases throughout the Regulations will be modified and expanded for clarity.

The definition of ‘skilled and instructed persons’ will be updated to be prefixed with electrically throughout the entire BS7671. The definition for ‘competent person’ will be removed entirely.  The definitions will include new symbols too.

These changes will be reflected throughout the wiring regulations. For example, Regulation 134.1.1  currently states;

“Good workmanship by competent persons or persons under their supervision and proper materials shall be used in the erection of the electrical installation. Electrical equipment shall be installed in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the equipment.”

However, under the amendments, the regulation will state;

“Good workmanship by skilled (electrically) or instructed (electrically) persons and proper materials shall be used in the erection of the electrical installation. The installation of electrical equipment shall take account of manufacturers’ instructions.”

2. Selection and Erection of Wiring Systems

A large amount of repetition has been removed and the wording is now clearer as to the requirements for damage protection either via RCD, Wiring System or correct location.

All of the references to under the supervision of, Skilled and instructed persons have been removed.

3. Protection against electric shock

Regulation 411.3.3 has been revised with the removal of all references of ordinary persons and also general use has been removed when discussing socket outlets not exceeding 20A. This will mean that all socket outlets will require RCD protection, although exceptions are granted for specific labelled sockets and for a documented RA – However, this is not permissible in dwellings

4. Correction Factor Cmin

Reductions in the maximum earth fault loop impedance in tables 41.2,41.3,41.4 & 41.6 have been implemented with the introduction of the Cmin factor of 0.95 which will take into account variations in the voltage throughout the supply system.

5. Protection against Thermal Effects

This is a new UK only Regulation which is a direct reaction to the number of fires recorded in domestic consumer units. The requirement states that consumer units and all other similar equipment in domestic settings must comply with BS EN1439-3 and either be manufactured from a non combustible material such as steel or be contained in an enclosure which should be manufactured from a non combustible material.
As per regulation 132.12 which will be implemented in January 2016, it must also be fully accessible

6. Wiring escape routes

The requirement for wiring “escape routes” is to be supported to prevent premature collapse; this rules out the use of non metallic cable clips ties and trunking as the only method of support.

7. Forms for certification and reporting

The old tick box in the schedule of inspections has been replaced with a format much like those used in the EICR.  The EIC and the EICR have been changed to the same format to assist in the completion of the forms.

The EICR and the condition report inspection schedules have been revised where FI was formerly an addition though the classification codes, it is now a code in its own right, therefore the column in section K has been removed. Any installation that requires further investigation will automatically be given an unsatisfactory report.


Don’t delay;

All electricians need to be trained to the new regulations before 1st July 2015.

To ensure that you are fully complient, visit the 3rd amendment website. You can download further guidance, purchase new regulations books and paperwork and even book online courses to ensure you are fully complient before the deadline.

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Powercor has been working in the electrical industry since 1998. All our staff are part of a program of annual training and we have proud to hold accreditations to show our commitment to our clients and workforce

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