In some circles, the words “health and safety audit” are enough to cause panic; in others, sighing and rolling of the eyes; or they can simply bring a swift end to any conversation.

However, here at Powercor, our aim is to instil and incorporate health and safety practices as a natural part of our daily business, at all levels – from school-leavers joining as apprentices, right up to director level.

With the guidance and support of our H&S consultants, we believe we are well on the way to achieving this goal, so when it was time for the annual review of our Safecontractor accreditation towards the end of last year, we were confident that procedures introduced and maintained throughout the past 12 months would see us through to a successful result.

During 2014, our training covered a wide range of issues – PASMA, SSSTS, Risk Assessment, Face Fit, Manual Handling, Working at Height, as well as Asbestos Awareness and Non-licensable Asbestos Works Training, and first-aid refreshers – so we were able to provide comprehensive training evidence.

Working at a variety of locations throughout the year provided the opportunity to submit site-specific risk assessments and method statements, and our regular PAT testing and equipment maintenance records were readily available.

Our H&S consultants audit us annually, and provide recommendations and advice to improve procedures in certain areas. Last year’s audit report and accompanying action plan – well on the way to completion before our next audit – proved our commitment to meeting these objectives.

We submitted the documents required, including our Health & Safety Policy, and copies of minutes from H&S meetings, and awaited the result of our assessment ……
More information was required!

[gdlr_notification icon=”” type=”color-border” border=”#6CACE4″ color=”#000000″]Could we prove that we monitor subcontractors (if used) to ensure they meet the same high standards as our own staff?

YES – We request completed subcontractor assessments, providing information on their training and health and safety procedures, and we include subcontractors in toolbox talks on site, as well as providing specific training if required for a particular job..[/gdlr_notification]


[gdlr_notification icon=”” type=”color-border” border=”#6CACE4″ color=”#000000″]Could we provide details of our procedures for isolating power supplies and ensuring safety in live testing?

YES – Along with method statements to support communication of the procedures..[/gdlr_notification]


A handful of additional examples of various procedures were also requested and submitted, along with a few updated documents due to our recent re-branding, and we were there.

Powercor successfully retained Safecontractor accreditation, and our CHAS accreditation was duly renewed under the SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) scheme.

Here’s to a healthy and safe 2015, and ensuring we are just as prepared for our next renewal!

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Our clients can rest assured that we are governed by strict guidelines, all our staff are fully trained and we are always at the front when it comes to Health & Safety

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