The Royal Ballet School, London

The Royal Ballet School lights the way for future generations.

The Royal Ballet School is one of the world’s most renowned centres for classical ballet training. As the leading ballet school in the UK, it attracts ballet dancers with incredible potential from all over the world. Day to day, hundreds of students use the school’s professional studios to hone their craft, making adequate and quality lighting essential for the school and students using the space.

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Royal Ballet School approached Powercor to upgrade their existing lighting and propose a solution that would both provide professional light levels and reduce their energy costs.

As a contractor with a focus on making energy efficient, Powercor proposed using the Philips FlexBend product – attractive luminaires that can be both surface-mounted and suspended. As well as having a highly-flexible design, FlexBend would also cut the school’s luminaire energy costs in half.

Another concerns captured in the initial site survey was maintenance of the existing lighting. With Philips lighting coming with a five-year guarantee, finding the time to change a fluorescent tube won’t be an issue anymore for this prestigious establishment.

All five studios within the school were re-fitted in a timely manner with good housekeeping, driven by a Powercor workforce that always goes above and beyond to provide the best possible service.

Energy Saving

Tackling the fluorescent lighting ban head on with a reliable energy efficient product.

Top quality products

Providing top quality lighting to a world-renowned school

Sustainable design

Helping the school decarbonise by using more sustainable, cleaner lighting

Firstly, let me express what a joy it was to work with Powercor on this LED lighting upgrade in our studios at our Upper School site in Covent Garden. The team at Powercor were amazing, to turn 5 studios around In 8 days was testament to their organisation and work ethic. After our initial site meeting and back and forth communication, there was no need for me as a facilities manager to get any further involved than needed. Project was completed half a day ahead of schedule and to a brilliant standard. I would certainly recommend and will be using Powercor in the future.

Lee Sells 

Site Services Manager

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