Schools rise to the challenge as energy efficiency competition proves huge success

A competition which was designed to help primary school pupils make a real difference to their schools and the energy they use came to an end this month with an award ceremony which honoured all participating schools, including those that had made the biggest difference to their energy consumption. Powercor partnered with STEM charity SATRO […]

Sustainability – Key Strategies to Controlling Rising Energy Costs

Rising energy prices have added further impetus for schools, businesses and individuals looking to more sustainable and energy saving systems. The global energy price hike, which has seen costs increase exponentially, shows little sign of abating.  For schools, educational institutions and business the impact is already being felt. We are already hearing of schools expecting […]

 Schools must go green to save on energy costs 

Rising energy prices are set to hit the education sector hard with some schools expecting between 50 to 60 percent increase in their energy bills.  With the global energy price hike already having an impact for schools, educational institutions and businesses Chris Wright, Technical Director of Powercor, an expert organisation in the field of sustainable […]

Schools must STEM rising energy bills, and help is at hand

Powercor’s Technical Director, Chris Wright, explains why the education sector needs to tackle the threat posed by rising energy prices on its ability to provide students with the education they deserve and why Powercor can be the ideal partner in meeting the challenge. Schools and colleges are increasingly turning to new ways to manage their […]

SATRO Energy Saving Challenge

Powercor is delighted to announce a collaboration with Surrey-based STEM charity SATRO for the 2022 SATRO Energy Saving Challenge – an opportunity to put students at the heart of sustainability thinking and explore ways to reduce their school’s carbon footprint.

Educating schools on how to save on their energy bill

Educating schools on how to save on their energy bill

Powercor’s Technical Director, Chris Wright, explains why the firm is determined to support schools in their efforts to deliver energy efficiencies and create the STEM stars of the future. Powercor is continuing to build on its expertise gained working with schools and education facilities across the UK as the drive towards net zero gathers pace. […]


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