COVID variant concerns spike interest in UV-C solutions

Concerns over the emergence of a new COVID variant in the UK has not only brought forward the UK government’s booster vaccine programme but has business leaders looking at how best to mitigate the risk to their staff and operations. The new BA.2.86 variant, nicknamed Pirola, has prompted concern among scientists because of the high […]

Creating natural light in indoor office spaces: the key to productivity and well-being 

In today’s fast-paced world, many individuals spend a significant portion of their time indoors. According to a well-quoted 2014 ONS study, people in the UK spend an average of 90% of their working and non-working hours indoors.   The quality of indoor lighting plays a crucial role in workers’ overall well-being and productivity. Recognising the importance […]

Emergency lighting system provides safe space for students

Emergency Lighting – without the drama. Powercor was proud to support Activate Learning when they wanted to upgrade City of Oxford College’s emergency lighting systems whilst also reducing their ongoing emergency lighting maintenance costs. The project would cover both internal and external lighting to make sure students could reach a safe outdoor space should mains […]

Fluorescent tube lighting ban highlights the need for system change

The start of 2023 was a significant moment for the UK’s lighting industry and delivered a call to arms for facility managers to increase the speed of their buildings’ transition to up-to-date LED lighting systems ahead of a key August 2023 deadline that will see fluorescent tubing banned from sale in the UK. The UK […]

Powercor’s lighting and energy project proves a favourite with Queen Anne’s

A two-year project by Powercor with one of the top independent schools in the UK has become a best-practice case study of how a thorough approach to the use of cutting-edge technology and a solid, technical approach to energy provision can both accelerate a school’s transition to net zero emissions and drastically reduce energy costs. […]

Sustainability – Key Strategies to Controlling Rising Energy Costs

Rising energy prices have added further impetus for schools, businesses and individuals looking to more sustainable and energy saving systems. The global energy price hike, which has seen costs increase exponentially, shows little sign of abating.  For schools, educational institutions and business the impact is already being felt. We are already hearing of schools expecting […]

 Schools must go green to save on energy costs 

Rising energy prices are set to hit the education sector hard with some schools expecting between 50 to 60 percent increase in their energy bills.  With the global energy price hike already having an impact for schools, educational institutions and businesses Chris Wright, Technical Director of Powercor, an expert organisation in the field of sustainable […]

EV revolution engages firms to power the future

Powercor’s Technical Director, Chris Wright, examines how the UK government’s plans for a net zero transport system within the next two decades means firms need to consider how to have the necessary infrastructure in place. The UK has devised definitive plans to lead the electric vehicle revolution as the government used the COP26 summit to […]

UVC can light the way to a clean and safe return to work

UV-C can light the way to a clean and safe return to work

Leading UK lighting and electrical contractor, Powercor (, says technology which has been used for decades to protect hospitals and public buildings from viruses can be the answer to staff and visitors staying safe in the office, gym or other workplace as restrictions are lifted. Now hospitality venues have re-opened their doors for the use […]


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