From panels to paint, solar technology will drive sustainability

As the world continues to develop more efficient ways to navigate to a sustainable future, solar power has become the mainstay of many efficient energy programmes. Such is its importance that solar power methodologies are being transformed with new technology that is changing the way we approach the use of energy. It comes against a […]

5 reasons why commercial and domestic property owners should consider solar power

Solar power (or photovoltaic) has become even more popular in the face of rising energy costs and, here at Powercor, we have seen demand explode for this sustainable energy solution. But we’re not just installing solar because the demand is there, we strongly believe in solar as a worthwhile investment for a number of reasons. […]

The Swan Sanctuary

Mute swans aren’t really mute and if they could speak our language we are sure they would approve of the upgrade to their sanctuary at Shepperton. Known in Britain as the “Royal Bird” mute swans are protected by law known as “the Royal Prerogative”. Powercor are proud to have helped provide additional future protection to […]

Schools must STEM rising energy bills, and help is at hand

Powercor’s Technical Director, Chris Wright, explains why the education sector needs to tackle the threat posed by rising energy prices on its ability to provide students with the education they deserve and why Powercor can be the ideal partner in meeting the challenge. Schools and colleges are increasingly turning to new ways to manage their […]

EV revolution engages firms to power the future

Powercor’s Technical Director, Chris Wright, examines how the UK government’s plans for a net zero transport system within the next two decades means firms need to consider how to have the necessary infrastructure in place. The UK has devised definitive plans to lead the electric vehicle revolution as the government used the COP26 summit to […]

Educating schools on how to save on their energy bill

Educating schools on how to save on their energy bill

Powercor’s Technical Director, Chris Wright, explains why the firm is determined to support schools in their efforts to deliver energy efficiencies and create the STEM stars of the future. Powercor is continuing to build on its expertise gained working with schools and education facilities across the UK as the drive towards net zero gathers pace. […]


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