Acquisition will spark further expansion for Powercor

Electrical and sustainable energy specialists, Powercor (, has announced the acquisition of one of the South East’s leading electrical businesses, Osborne & Collins.

The acquisition, which will create a new entity ‘Powercor Maintenance, trading as Osborne Collins’ completed on 14 September and is viewed as another significant step in Powercor’s plan to increase its annual turnover to around £8 million by 2024.

Chairman Mike Collins and Director Terri Collins established the Osborne & Collins in 1978 and the business has undergone steady growth over the past four decades. Headquartered in Walton-in-Thames and operating across the South East, the company has built a first-class reputation for designing, installing and maintaining electrical services for industrial and commercial clients.

The details of the acquisition have not been released but Powercor and Osborne & Collins say the synergies between the two will lead to a rapid and smooth integration with the significant benefits of the deal being quickly realised.

As a certified system integrator of Signify and a leader in the installation of sustainable energy solutions and a specialist LED lighting, power infrastructure, smart metering and electrical compliance, Powercor will be able to offer Osborne & Collins clients an extended range of cutting edge services.

Powercor Technical Director, Chris Wright said: “We are delighted to have reached agreement with Mike and Terri to acquire a company that has such an outstanding reputation for the work they do. The two companies are an excellent fit. Both are built on the foundations of quality workmanship and a strong service culture, which is at the heart of everything we do.”

“Osborne & Collins will enable Powercor to continue delivering on our ambitious plans for growth, driven by the demand from both the private and public sectors for expert support in the transition to modern energy infrastructures and a new and sustainable energy future.”

He added: “We are keen to build on the strong reputation Mike and Terri have earned both personally and for the firm itself.”

Powercor’s Martin Brant has assumed the role of Operations Director, taking on responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the new entity. 

Mike Collins added: “We are pleased to have become part of Powercor. What attracted us to the business is the shared culture and the focus in first class service. Powercor can offer our clients a wider range of cutting edge products and services at a time when businesses of all sizes are looking to create their strategies for a move to net zero, and Powercor have established an unrivalled reputation for their work in all areas of sustainable energy.”


About Powercor

Powercor is a fast-growing, dynamic, electrical and sustainable energy company based in South East England that helps organisations throughout the UK become safer and more energy efficient through partnerships with some of the world’s biggest manufacturers of today’s cutting edge energy solutions.

Powercor’s solutions include LED lighting & controls, smart metering, safety & compliance, power infrastructure upgrades, solar power, electric vehicle charging points, ground and air source heat pumps and battery storage.

With an expanding team of over 50 employees Powercor works regularly with both private and public sector organisations including schools and other educational establishments.

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