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Powercor has been working in the energy efficiency sector since 2007. Our dedicated team consistently helps organisations reduce their energy consumption, carbon emissions, annual running and maintenance costs.

Our solutions help generate, reduce or manage your energy.

We empower our clients in the generation of energy, assist in making significant energy reductions, making them greener while also saving money, as well as monitoring how they use energy and implementing continuous improvement.

Whether Powercor are helping to generate, reduce or manage your energy efficiency we give your organisation a tangible competitive edge. Our approach is always practical, looking for where we can make the maximum impact and deliver the most value.

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Powercor are experts in the design and installation for both commercial and domestic clients, from smaller individual systems on house rooftops to larger systems on agricultural buildings and solar farms.

We make sure that your installation is fit for purpose and complete all the relevant paperwork and assist you in every aspect of the contract.

We take advantage of preferential energy generation tariffs to provide you with installations that not only reduce your energy consumption, but also create a source of income for you.

Powercor can design, supply and install as we are registered with the governing bodies, MCS (Micro-generation Certification Scheme).

EV Charging Points: Homecharge / Workplace

At Powercor we work in partnership with the top Electric Vehicle charging manufacturers in the industry to offer a range of charging products that will suit a range of needs whether that be at home or for our work place customers.

Our experienced advisors can steer you all the way through the process to the right choice charger and we will always facilitate the process for OLEV grants where available to make this choice not only energy efficient but cost effective too.

With the range of suppliers and products available to us we will provide objective advice as to the best options to consider with particular emphasis on great customer care.

Smart Metering & Targeting

Powercor knows that Automated Metering and Targeting is critical to efficiently managing energy use, showing when and where your energy is being consumed.

A well managed energy efficiency programme can reduce your energy consumption, carbon emissions and annual costs with minimum capital expenditure.

Simply installing a smart meter won’t cut energy usage but it will provide the real time data needed to raise awareness of what, where and how energy is being used.

We highlight the systems, approaches, best practice solutions and reporting you need to generate and create continual energy saving opportunities. Data collected can be used to show short and long term trends in energy usage from which targets can be set to create an effective energy management strategy.

Powercor has the technical ability to design and install monitoring and metering equipment. From the meter to the screen, aM&T technology provides the perfect solution to understanding the movement of energy throughout your premises. Be it electricity, gas or water, concise identification of energy used gives us the benefit of being able to identify and effectively transform your energy wastage into savings.

Discover the truth about your energy consumption.

Battery storage - What you need to know:

A home battery system is a long-term investment, so buy a good quality one that will last, even though it will cost you more up front. Add the price quoted by your installer and divide it by the usable storage capacity to work out the best value per usable unit of storage capacity.

A battery’s capacity is the amount of energy (in kWh) that it can store. This is not the same as the advertised ‘total capacity’, as a battery should never be discharged completely. For example, a 14kWh battery is sold as 13.5kWh because that is its useable capacity. It’s important that a battery never drains fully, to prevent damage.

The output power is the amount of energy you can withdraw from the battery. This is not the same as the capacity; the capacity is how much it can hold. You should ensure the power output is over 2.6kW or you may not be able to power up most large appliances.

To maximise savings, choose a model that will allow you to charge your battery from the Grid, as well as from solar panels. This means you could draw energy from the grid at low peak times (4p/kwh) and store it for future use. During the day, it ca be connected to Solar Panels to harness the energy from the sun and store it for use during high tariff peak times. The Grid may also ask to buy back energy during times of high demand, thus putting you in a position to make money.

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