18 August 2015

What makes a great sales service

In the long standing history of Powercor, sales service has been pivotal in the growth of the company.

From the conception of a project through to delivery, Powercor have time and time again offered a can do attitude which sets us aside from the competition.

It is extremely important in todays day and age to deliver a level of service which will differentiate the company from other competition. Projects have not only been won on price but on the level of service required by the client or individual.

Sales service has no monetary value when offering an individual or company guidance and support. The real benefit for Powercor comes in the form of repeat business which frequent and sustained.

There have been countless occasions when we have stepped into the role of a contractor who has over promised and under delivered. At Powercor we are certainly proud of our repeat business and sustained relationships since 1998.

What you will get from Powercor

  1. A dedicated contracts manager
  2. Swift response
  3. Great project pricing
  4. Certified staff
  5. Powercor are holders of all the relevant accreditations
  6. Powercor partnership agreement with Philips lighting, iVolt and ecoDriver



Providing a great service since 1998

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