17 May 2016

Top 5 Philips LED Products at a Great Price!

Philips top 5 products which Powercor can price match or beat – Guaranteed!

Powercor has a diverse range of clients which makes the luminaire range offering by Philips all that much more appealing.

Powercor offer a 5 year guarantee on parts and labour for any project using the Philips range.

Gentlespace 2 High bays which are used for applications ranging from sports halls through to warehouse illumination which can be controlled too



Coreline Office Compliant 600X600 panels which come with either a static driver or are Dali dimmable through to the statement range of Powerbalance



Coreline 2coreline 1

Color Kinetics – Architectural lighting which is used for the likes of Edinburgh Castle and many more iconic buildings

Colour Kinetics

Coreline Tempo Flood lighting – a great price point product which goes up to 12000 lumens



Philips LED Lighting

Powercor offer a full turn key solution and will therefore design your lighting requirements according to application

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