07 April 2015

The Occuswitch From Philips – A sensor with some brains!

The Occuswitch from Philips is a proximity sensor which is programmable and offers some very clever features.


Philips Occuswitch



  1. The sensor is available in a simple switched version or a DALI control version.The sensor can sense movement but also lux levels to enable daylight harvesting.
  2. The sensor can be programmed with a simple controller similar to a TV remote that you point and send controls to the sensor.
  3. The sensor can be programmed with various options including open plan office and corridor and is very simple and cost effective to achieve very good savings in excess of 50 percent in energy.
  4. The sensor is very cost effective compared to LCM full control systems and can offer great savings for a fraction of the cost and help the client achieve the light energy numerical indicator for a given room (LENI)
  5. The device can control up to 15 luminaries per sensor, but if required sensor’s can be paralleled to control further lights.
  6. The device negates the need for comprehensive lighting programming and enables the client and installer to be able to achieve great energy savings on lighting systems with confidence.

Occuswitch is a sensor in a class of its own!




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