26 April 2016

Sports Lighting

Powercor service various Schools and Colleges, many of which have prestigious Sports academies. The lighting in these areas play a major part in the different types of arena; for the different types of Sports being played. There are also varying lux levels required for the different arena’s, so there are a lot of things to be taken into consideration when designing and selecting the right type and quantity of luminaires.

For example, in Sports Hall’s for recreational use the lighting level recommended is 300 lux, however if it is being used for a national completion it is recommended at 500 lux. If the event is being televised then the lighting levels recommended are over a 1000 lux!


The lighting to indoor swimming pools has the greatest gulf in lux levels dependant on competition levels; recreational use 200 lux, International competition a massive 10,000 lux is recommended!

So as you can see the design process has to take into consideration the usage and potential usage of these areas so the right lighting levels can be achieved.

Obviously the right type of luminaire has to be selected for the type of environment it is to be installed within, for example the correct IP rating for high moisture areas to cage-guard protected luminaires for areas where they are likely to be struck by a ball.

Where some major sports are played outdoors at night-time the luminaires need to be even more powerful to provide the lighting levels on the field.

Football for example, as the luminaires are mounted a fair distance above the field of play they have to be able to transmit the light at pitch level at a high output. Philips ArenaVision LED is a market leading product that does so with ease.

Sports Lighting

At Powercor we will be more than happy to assist on design or to maintain your existing set-up.

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