Are you a 2%er?

Are you a 2%er?

What is a 2%er you may ask – let me explain!

A 2%er is someone in the 2% of our population that choose to be happy!

2%ers have the following characteristics;

  • Full of confidence
  • Always have a spring in their step
  • Enthusiastic
  • Full of energy in every situation
  • And light up a room!

Some days we could all think we are a 2%er but how long does it really last!

The other 98% of us just live our day to day lives sometimes happy and sometimes moody!

We go to work, get our jobs done and go home making no impact on anyone else’s day!

Even further down the line you could be a ‘Mood Hoover’ – this is someone that has a complete lack of energy, no motivation and brings the room into darkness! None of us want to be a Mood Hoover!

Whilst we all have bad days the Mood Hoovers among us are permanently under a dark rainy cloud!

In work this can seriously dampen a team’s performance and energy, which leads to less productivity – not good!


So let’s all make a conscious effort to be more like a 2%er – Maybe we could push it up to being a 20%er!

Even just having a smile on your face could impact everyone around you, making the world around us a happier place.

We should all want to work in a happy environment  as this relieves stress and could make your home life happier. By making an effort to be happier, we can make the people around us feel the same. Take the negativity out of the situations and find the positives!

Turn the Mood Hoovers happy!

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