Powercor prides itself on being registered, accredited and continually maintaining its status with a large number of Governing Bodies and Health & Safety Associations.

Accreditations have been vital in the development and success of Powercor.They show our commitment to our industry as well as to our clients that they are in safe hands. They're not just certifications but a set of principles, rules and standards we always abide by.

Governing Bodies
Be confident with a 100% Guarantee

Our ECA membership provides you with a 100% guarantee that our work will meet the appropriate standards. In the unlikely event that it does not, the ECA will put it right at no cost to you.

Electrical Contractors Association

We save you time and money by self-certifying

We can save you both time and money when undertaking work that requires notification to the Local Building Control Body as we are registered and authorised to self-certify all the work we carry out for you.

National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting - Domestic

Our regular assessments ensure safe electrical installations

As the longest running and largest regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry, our NICEIC membership is a mark of our commitment to electrical safety and technical excellence. As a member we are regularly re-assessed to ensure high standards are consistently achieved.

National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting

We understand the complexity & diversity of the Engineering world

Running for over 140 years, but inspiring, informing and influencing us for over 25 years, the IET supports technology and innovation which we believe in. Being members means we understand the complexity and diversity of the engineering world.

Institution of Engineering and Technology

Health & safety
We can demonstrate our commitment to health and safety

We believe that upholding health, safety and welfare standards in the building and maintenance sector is a major priority for US and YOU. Our accreditation to safecontractor provides independent verification of this.

The Health & Safety Assessment Scheme

We are assessed annually so that we meet the compliance standard

Because CHAS has competent Health & Safety officers who are committed to improving Health & Safety, and pride themselves in guiding us in the right direction, you know you are 100% covered.

Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme

Our pre-qualification helps reduce duplication and improve efficiencies

We pre-qualify to ALL government standards, and maintain relationships to ensure that we remain relevant to procurement professionals within the construction industry for your peace of mind.

UK Register of Pre-qualified Construction Services

We make safety our priority to give you peace of mind

We can guarantee we are up to date with all of our training for your satisfaction as CHSG is a recognised and respected provider of quality training and support in construction and other associated industries.

Construction Health & Safety Group

Our focus on quality ensures you get the best product and service

Your confidence is gained and satisfaction ensured because of the benefits of ISO 9001. It shows our endeavor to maintain company efficiency, consistency and our dedication to quality service.

International Organisation for Standardisation - Quality Management

Work with a company that you can trust

We have been vetted and approved by Trading Standards to ensure that we operate in a legal, honest and fair way. We give you confidence in us by being part of the Buy with Confidence Scheme.

Surrey County Council Trading Standards

You can have faith that we are a reputable company

Because we display the TrustMark logo, you know that we have been approved and inspected through one of TrustMark's scheme operators and they've found that we meet the required Government endorsed criteria.

Government Endorsed Standards

Energy saving & sustainability
We know how to get the most out of renewable sources for you

Having the MCS mark of quality, demonstrates our compliance to industry standards. It highlights to you that we are able to consistently produce electricity and heat from renewable sources to the highest quality every time. Guaranteed.

Micro-generation Certification Scheme

Our finance options are offset by your estimated energy savings

We are a Siemens Finance Supplier. We offer leases, loans and other financing options from £1,000 upwards with no maximum to all types of organisations. New, more efficient equipment WILL lower energy bills and the energy savings WILL pay for itself.

Offering Leases, Loans & other Financing Options

Both your money and our guarantee are protected to give you peace of mind

Us being registered with RECC gives you peace of mind because they protect the money you pay upfront as well as protecting the workmanship guarantee once the sustainable energy installation is complete.

Renewable Energy Consumer Code