LED Lighting for Retail and Hospitality

Our LED lighting installations significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs. They can help our customers optimise and improve their store layouts to create appealing retail environments and atmospheres. Furthermore, the unique properties of the quality LED products that Powercor use are designed to accentuate colours and textures that increase our client’s revenues.

Specialists in LED lighting for retail and hospitality spaces

Lighting for retail and hospitality has come a long way in recent years and you are unlikely to see traditional lighting being implemented in any new modern development.

In today’s modern world or retail and hospitality lighting, LED lighting is widely recognised to be the leading form of lighting. Replacing both interior and exterior lighting with LED significantly reduces energy and maintenance costs.

While fluorescent is also classified as energy efficient and are slightly more affordable than LED lighting, they are not nearly as versatile or long-lasting. In addition, the unwelcoming nature of fluorescent lighting has a direct negative impact on shopper satisfaction compared to LED making it a false economy to save money on the cost of the fittings themselves.

Powercor are specialists in LED lighting for retail and hospitality spaces. Lighting is one of the fundamental factors that can impact the length of a shoppers visit and even affect their decision to purchase. We understand the subtle differences that each individual interior requires in order to create success.

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Perfectly designed energy efficient LED lighting solutions.

Powercor are experts at crafting effective lighting solutions for retail environments. The retail sector demands ever increasingly specialised lighting products.

Not only do retailers have to contend with constantly rising energy prices, they also need to maintain or improve the quality of light they use. Add to this the challenges in architectural or design integration, as well as the need to future-proof solutions that enable successful variations in in-store concepts and it is easy to appreciate why retail lighting requires the expertise that Powercor can deliver.

A business minded approach to LED lighting.

We have many years of experience in recommending and installing ideal energy efficient LED lighting solutions for an extremely wide variety of retail environments.

An appropriate lighting solution can be designed to assist a fashion retailer sell more, it can even assist with increasing the longevity of food products such as fresh meat and vegetables. Not only will Powercor create a perfect lighting solution for each and every different situation, we also take into account the commercial considerations of a new installation including longevity, payback and total cost of ownership to ensure that your investment delivers financially as well as aesthetically.

"You guys certainly impressed not only myself with your attitude and behaviours during all the installations but the client and all the Nuffield team. Very professional!"

Martin Hook, Project Manager, Philips

"Powercor were diligent and totally professional during the whole process. Nothing proved too much trouble and the installation was as smooth as we could have hoped for"

Stuart Christie, Club Secretary

Recessed LED lighting for perfect ceiling integration

While some installations will feature statement lighting, others require a more integrated and understated design. In these instances we can provide exceptionally thin, narrow rimmed or even rimless fittings that are ideal for discrete integration into plaster ceilings.

LED lighting designed to reduce costs in commercial and retail environments

Reducing costs in lighting involves the three closely linked elements of purchase price, running costs and maintenance, including human resources.

Our energy efficient LED lighting installations will significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. Importantly however, this is achieved without having an adverse effect on the well-being of employees who need a pleasant environment in order to be more productive, or on customers who want to enjoy their shopping experience.

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