LED Lighting for Exteriors and Facades

Whether it is an LED lighting installation for dramatic effect or functional convenience, Powercor have considerable experience in the lighting of building exteriors and facades. Utilising Philips Color Kinetics we can also install unique installations that bring to life the imagination of architects and designers.

Experts in exterior lighting for maximum impact

There are endless ways to light up an outside space or building facade. You can rely on the highly skilled team at Powercor to advise on the appropriate products for each every installation.

Whether a client wants their building to stand out or blend in, we can offer a variety of lighting solutions that can either subtly enhance an exterior or create a bold lighting statement, bringing visionary ideas to life through colour, intensity and set up.

From bold multi-coloured, dynamic lighting installations to gentle illuminations, Powercor have the ability to access a wide range of high quality lighting products to suit any requirements.

By listening to our clients and respecting the vision of architects and designers, we provide a service and end result that will leave a lasting impression.

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Cost effective exterior area LED lighting

The CoreLine Tempo LED flood, designed to replace conventional exterior lighting installations is an excellent cost effective solution.

These extremely reliable units require minimal investment while offering low power consumption resulting in a very fast pay-back of the investment compared to traditional exterior lighting. This makes the CoreLine Tempo ideally suited to a wide range of applications such as industrial areas, parking facilities, building facades and billboards.

Premium Exterior LED Floodlights for large buildings, bridges and iconic structures

For the lighting of large scale structures and objects, the ColorReach Powercore products provide an unparalleled light output.

These RGB high-performance LED lighting fixtures are designed for long-throw dynamic colour changing applications. The wide range of high quality accessories and their compatibility with Philips Color Kinetics allows for customisable beam angles making them suitable for floodlighting, spotlighting, wall washing and grazing.

“The light levels have increased, the maintenance reduced and cost savings made."

McKay Securities

"Powercor is a high end, quality company and their end product shows they are masters at their craft. Impeccable after sales just goes to add to their appeal."

Estates Manager

Exterior lighting with an impact

With an incredibly large portfolio of products to select from, Powercor are able to specify, design and install endless possibilities in exterior lighting.

The award winning “Hit-Me” light from Modular Lighting is one of our personal favourites. These 1.2 meter high glowing tubes can really make an instant impact giving the impression of the skies raining giant nails. Whatever the brief may be, by listening to our clients and interpreting their requirements, we are able to recommend innovative lighting solutions that excite and delight.

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