LED Lighting for Education

Powercor are specialists in the design and installation of high quality LED lighting systems to the education sector. Our DBS approved and List 99 checked staff can upgrade an existing lighting system or install a totally new one designed to optimise learning efficiency.

Powercor are one of the UK’s leading experts in LED lighting for education.

A high quality LED lighting installation can have a significant effect on facilitating learning. Not only can schools and education establishments reduce costs through innovative lighting, they can also provide optimum learning conditions.

From our many years working in the education sector, Powercor appreciates and understands the budget constraints within the education sector and offer lighting solutions that will result in considerable cost savings.

A learning environment has specific requirements to ensure it remains a positive one. The choice of lighting is critical to providing the best conditions in which to learn. We can offer reliable, expert advice on making improvements while cutting costs.

Our comprehensive service will take a client through the whole process of carefully selecting a better lighting system, from an initial site visit through to a recommended solution and an installation service designed to be flexible to meet your specific needs.

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Cost effective LED lighting designed for maximum energy savings.

With education budgets being continually stretched, many schools and educational establishments are searching for considerable energy and maintenance savings. In these instances, CoreLine by Philips can be an ideal solution.

CoreLine lasts up to an incredible 50,000 hours, enabling schools to operate without disruptions and guarantees you spend less on maintaining your light sources. CoreLine also significantly reduces your energy costs as it uses up to 75% less energy than traditional light sources. With the addition of lighting controls, Powercor can achieve additional savings of up to 70%.

"Their service, pricing, communication and implementation of works has been outstanding. We are happy to be associated with Powercor as they are outstanding at servicing our needs."

Simon Hefferman, Facilities Manager - Shrewsbury College

"They offer a comprehensive service which can be relied upon on a regular basis. I am happy recommending Powercor to anyone."

Alan Jones, Facilities Manager - ACS International Schools

SchoolVision provides the ultimate in LED lighting for education

In today’s competitive world, it remains increasingly important that our children receive the best possible education. Since the lighting within a learning environment can dramatically affect student performance, the choice of lighting within education facilities is of crucial importance.

SchoolVision has been specifically designed to create an optimal learning environment. Studies have shown that with SchoolVision lighting, students can be more focused which leaves teachers do their jobs even more effectively.

The four different light settings of SchoolVision – Normal, Focus, Energy, and Calm – can be chosen according to the time of day and the current activity. The settings are designed to simulate the daylight patterns that the human body is receptive to, thereby helping students to stay focused and learn better.

35% increase
in reading speed

45% decrease
in frequency of errors

76% decrease
in hyperactive behaviour

Illuminate your sports facilities for a competitive edge

The Philips OptiVision floodlighting system is an extremely versatile lighting solution suitable for both simple, and extremely complex sports lighting applications. In addition to meeting the highest performance standards and providing outstanding light quality, OptiVision also offers significant energy reductions compared to traditional sports lighting.

With the added benefit of programmable lighting levels when used in conjunction with Philips’ advanced system controls and sensors, additional energy savings of up to 65% can be achieved. While energy-efficient LED lighting and remote management systems significantly save on energy costs, most importantly they also enhance the athletic environment and minimalize light pollution for the surrounding population.

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